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Shyvana Reborn as Dragonslayer: Patch 6.23 Preview

Nov 22, 2016

As the League of Legends preseason continues, Patch 6.23 demonstrates Riot’s continually incremental approach to balance. In it are a bunch of insignificant bugfixes, slight bruiser buffs, and the resurrection of the Dragonborn. We’ll go over the key changes that you should be ready for when Patch 6.23 rolls out.

Key Champion Changes


Without a doubt, the biggest changes this patch will be coming to Shyvana. While her kit roughly remains the same, the details within it may bring her back into competitive viability. In short:

  • Fury of the Dragonborn (Passive): Deal 10% more damage to Dragons, and gain MR/Armor for killing them
  • Burnout (W): No more flame trail in dragon-mode, but increases in size
  • Flame Breath (E): Stops at first champion hit, can explode when in dragon-mode into a ‘flame zone’ which keeps enemies marked for % on-hit damage
  • Dragon’s Descent (R): Bonus Health instead of bonus MR/Armor, increase in size, and unstoppable

The ‘unstoppable’ addition to her ultimate (think Malphite, Sion, Kled) will finally give Shyvana the viable engage option she has always needed. Whereas before any kind of knock-up would stop her ultimate mid travel, now the dragon will at least reach her target. Expect to see Shyvana picked much more often post patch, especially with the nature of the new jungle.


Akali Art by Suke
Art by Suke

This sexy ninja received scaling buffs to her passive, Twin Disciples, and Crescent Slash (E). It’s extremely rare to see any buffs to Akali, since her state is so volatile and over-tuning can seriously ruin games. Her Twilight Shroud (W) also costs 20 less energy. The buffs aren’t that big, but the psychological impact of any assassin buff is bound to revive her popularity.

Key Item Changes: Rageblade and BOTRK

Guinsoo’s Rageblade is receiving a 25% attack speed added to its base, while Blade of the Ruined King is having its on-hit damage increased from 6% to 8%. Separately, these changes do almost nothing, but together, they may find use on the on-hit reliant champions like Master Yi, Teemo, and – oh yeah – Shyvana. The two-item spike will become extremely evident on these heroes, whose damage could become meta-shifting.

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Good luck out there summoners!

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