5 Features the League of Legends Client Is Missing

Jun 17, 2016

League of Legends is a free-to-play game with a massive fan base constantly demanding new features and fixes to make their playing experience better. These “Riot Pls” type of feature wishlists can be found everywhere the game is being discussed. Although I’m sure Riot takes note of the most popular feature requests, we probably won’t see any of these feature integrated anytime soon.

This list details my own personal League of Legends feature wishlist. These are all things I wish the current client was capable of doing for my own enjoyment. Some of them are easy and reasonable, others will never be seriously implemented because they don’t make any sense.

Feature #5 – Show Ping in Client

Despite being a massive technology enthusiast, I hate networking problems. They frustrate me to no end. When I queue up for a ranked game and see I’ve got a long game with 176 ping ahead of me I lose a year of my life in stress. All I want is to see my ping in the client before queuing up.

Feature #4 – Easy Account Switching

When your friends are spread across the League of Legends ranking spectrum you need to have an extra account in order to play enjoyable games with them.

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The current standard for switching accounts involves closing the client, re-opening the client, and logging in. This would be completely fine for a normal person. However, I have made it a habit of re-logging into the same account I have just logged out of over and over. Riot pls.

Feature #3 – Buying Skins in Champ Select

Skin Boosts ARAM
We’ve already got skin boosts in ARAM, why not allow us to buy skins in champ select? Photo via Riot Games.

This is probably the only feature on this list that has a realistic chance of actually making its way into a future client. Being able to buy skins in champ select is the real life equivalent to the candy display near the cashier at the grocery store. It would enable so many bad decisions and impulse buys. This feature may not take too long to pay for itself.

Feature #2 – Appear Offline

There are times for 5 man queuing, and there are times for some solo queuing. Trying to politely express that to your entire friends list can be difficult. The emotionally unstable may be offended that you aren’t willing to spend any more time with their top lane Bard. This is a non-problem with an appear offline feature.

Feature #1 – Custom Champion Lists

There are a ton of champions in League of Legends. Trying to select a champion as the timer ticks down is difficult. This would be made way easier if you could show a pre-selected list of your most played champions. This feature would mark the end of panic picks.

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Jamie Jacobs is a bot lane main who once won 17 consecutive Janna games. His favorite champions are Thresh, Kalista, and Bard. Jamie writes about competitive League of Legends and the professional gaming scene every week at Esports Edition.
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