European Roster Changes: 2016 Preseason

Nov 7, 2015


Even tho the action after 2015 Worlds has ended the European leagues are still teeming with excitement. Some teams are preparing for the 2016 preseason while others have folded or have been bought out.

Changes so far seem minimal, but some of the changes will have far reaching impact in the future. One of those changes is the rebranding of Team Dignitas. While this might not seem like a big change to some it means that the team will be under new management. The new management could have better forms of communication for the team or better practice facilities. At this point in time it is unclear if the new owners of Team Dignitas have either of those and so far the biggest changes they have made is to rename the team to Follow eSports. As well as lose Dennis “Obvious” Sorensen to free agency. This means that Follow eSports will need to host tryouts for a new jungler.

Eu.LCSThe Copenhagen Wolves appear to be under duress. At this point heading into the 2016 preseason three of their players have committed to free agency leaving just Mid and Jungler positions in tact for the Wolves. The team must find new players for next season or face being disbanded (like their Dota 2 team). Despite the fact that the Copenhagen Wolves finished first place in a few events back in 2013 they have been in a steady decline taking home tenth place in the more recent EU LCS Summer Round Robin.

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With some of the teams in the EU scrambling to pick up new players it is refreshing to see that Team ROCCAT announce the majority of their players have resigned to the team. Yes, this was announced even before the ending of 2015 World but this sends a message to other teams that Team ROCCAT is committed to their players. Their improvements from last years EU LCS gives other contenders a reason to be concerned that ROCCAT could take their spot in the upcoming season.

Team ROCCAT is not the only one to gather up its players and shoot for higher goals for the EU LCS 2016 season. Against All Authority made a come back after their 2014 season long absence. They have signed on a new team manager, Guillaume “Galette” Lobjois, in the hopes of winning in theEU Challenger Series. AAA is not without their faults and despite their re-emergence to the EU scene they have already lost their support to free agency.

Some other minor changes that are happening around the league in volve H2K gaming loosing their Jungler, Jean-Victor “Loulex” Burgevin. He is currently looking for teams to join in either EU or North America or both. Unicorns of Love have started hosting tryouts to fill their AD Carry positions.

The season is still young and their are plenty of possible changes to be made for the remaining off season.

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