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Day[9] and Purge Launch Educational Dota Stream Series

Jan 23, 2017
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Beloved esports personalities Day[9] and Purge have teamed up for a new Twitch series: Day[9] Learns Dota.

Purge [Kevin Godec] is perhaps most widely known for his introductory guide “Welcome to Dota, You Suck!” It’s a modern esports classic–almost every new Dota player checks this guide out at least once. It has all of the basic information one needs if they’ve never seen an ARTS MOBA before. If you’ve played Dota or even just tried to learn it, you’ve probably heard of Purge.

Who is Day[9]? (Sean Plott)

  • Famous for his SC2 commentary as well as his stint as a SC: Brood Wars player.
  • Has a Youtube Channel where he posts Day[9] Dailies and other content.

Actually, what I’m most curious about is the difference in birthplaces between Day[9] and his 2-year-older brother, the also-famous Tasteless. When I was looking up background information for this article I noticed that the elder brother was born in France and Day[9]’s birthplace is listed as Kansas. The world needs an explanation.

Purge Teaches Day[9] Dota

Day[9] and Purge have planned out a schedule. They’re going to stream every Wednesday for the next four months as Day[9] learns everything from basic last hitting to camp stacking, rotations, builds, and more.

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I’m pretty sure it was a popular collaboration.
Purge and Day[9] will be back this week, with the next installment airing on the 25th. Each broadcast is 5-6 hours long, featuring a short lesson from Purge, a “practical,” and a post-session review. Purge will present a lecture on a specific topic like build orders, Day[9] will test his new knowledge on the battlefield, and at the end, Purge will review Day[9]’s play and review the lesson. In other words, it’s basically “Dota school,” livestreamed for your viewing pleasure.

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Streams run from 1pm PST to 7pm PST and you can check out past broadcasts on Purge and Day[9]’s YouTube and Twitch channels.

Unfortunately, I (and many others) are at work during the live broadcast, but it’s worthwhile to review the VODs. No matter how long you’ve been playing Dota, there’s always something to learn from Purge. He mentioned that they will be staying away from specific heroes and builds as patches can change that any minute, and focusing on the more general concepts.

If you’re new-ish to Dota, check out their joint stream. Purge is an amazing teacher, and there’s a friendly atmosphere to the series–just two people, playing some Dota together. Even if you can’t check out the whole VOD, the post-game review will be invaluable. Day[9] will inevitably make the same mistakes that all new players make (or if you’re me, continue to make), and Purge will explain to him how he can improve.

If you’ve never seen Day[9]’s Daily #100, it’s an awesome watch. He reflects on how his involvement in esports has evolved and shaped his life.

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