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Peter “ptr” Gurney Suffers Injury En Route to Tournament

Mar 15, 2016

North American CS:GO player Peter “ptr” Gurney announced via Twitter on March 14 that he will be unable to play in the Counter Pit League LAN Finals due to a broken foot sustained while experiencing “bad turbulence” during his flight to the tournament.

Since we’re living in the future, most of the story can actually be told using Twitter–and what a narrative it is. There’s even foreshadowing. It begins innocently enough.

I spent a while looking through the responses to see if anyone had told ptr to “break a leg.” Doesn’t seem to be the case, thankfully–or if anyone did jinx him, they’ve covered their tracks for now. As always, I strongly encourage all professional players to be on the lookout for witches, warlocks, and/or sorcerers.

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Here’s the second tweet, presumably posted after ptr had landed in Croatia.

Remember when I said that the entire story can be told via Twitter? I wasn’t lying. The news is writing itself for me. Happy Monday, I suppose.

Most of the Global Offensive community offered their condolences to ptr and his team–of course, I’m assuming that all of the “LAN dodger” jokes are, well, jokes. But apparently there are people in the world who actually don’t understand how serious injuries work.

Thankfully, Peter Gurney–who happens to shares a last name with a piece of hospital equipment used to transport patients who are unable to walk–took the time to patiently respond to this question, confirming that he will have to have surgery to treat the injury.

Since ptr will not be able to play for his team, NRG, at the Counter Pit League LAN Finals, the race is on to find a replacement. The tournament, which is being held in Croatia, is scheduled to start on March 17th.

From all of us at Esports Edition, we wish ptr a fast and healthy recovery.

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