Staff Spotlight

Patrick Valoppi rocking his Astralis jersey at the office.

Staff Spotlight: Patrick Valoppi, Our Fearless Leader

Patrick Valoppi has been part of the Esports Edition family for two years. As our Product Manager, Patrick is the guy who keeps our team on track, manages our finances, and ensures we're always on the lookout for new...
Joseph Schmidt - Esports Writer

Staff Writer Spotlight: A Snapshot of Joseph Schmidt

It all started at an arcade in Lake George, New York. I was too little to play the pinball machines, but my Mom would pick me up so I could see the flashing lights and pull the plunger. Once the ball...
Gillian "Kendryx_" Linscott at PAX East

Staff Writer Spotlight: Gillian’s Esports Story

From the moment my brother and I unboxed our SNES, I've always loved playing video games. While my brother enjoyed fighting games, I preferred games where I had the ability to choose my own path and do whatever I...
J.P. Corner is Esports Edition's Executive Editor.

Staff Spotlight: JP Corner, Editor and Nostalgia Enthusiast

The best part of gaming is the memories you make. I'm as guilty as the next video game journalist of rambling about 'skill ceilings' and 'deep mechanics,' but there's nothing like swapping gaming stories with friends and strangers. My grandparents...
Stephen Draper - Esports Writer Staff Spotlight

Staff Writer Spotlight: Stephen’s Lifelong Gaming Journey

My interest in video games started when I was eight, and received a Gameboy Color and Pokémon Gold for Christmas. Neither of my parents were gamers, so this was an entirely new world for me – one they quickly...
Statue of Juggernaut from outside TI6,

Staff Writer Spotlight: Kara’s Dota Odyssey

The first time I watched a game of Dota, I had no idea it would become such a large part of my life in the years to come. That was three years ago, during the TI4 qualifiers. I was 25....