Drifting Lands is a 2D horizontal shoot 'em up, and boy does it kick some major ass.

Drifting Lands Review: Prettiest Shmup of All Time

Too lazy to read? Check out our quick video review. Space. Shooting. Killing robots. Loot. These are a few of my favorite things. And Drifting Lands checks all those boxes. Shoot ‘em ups aren’t normally my favorite, but I made an...
Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds

What Is Path of Exile?

  On first examination, it's easy to dismiss Path of Exile as just another ARPG. To be fair, the trademarks of the genre aren't hard to find--you've got character customization, lots of monsters to kill, and, of course, an endless quest...
Stellar Overload combines elements from popular world-building titles like Minecraft to create a fresh, new, and exciting game.

Stellar Overload Review: Structured Creative Freedom

Stellar Overload is a "3D open-world, blocks-based, FPS, adventure" game from the developers over at Cubical Drift Studios, and it's currently in Early Access on Steam. The game employs elements of several other well-known games and genres, and adapts...
The Crow's Eye from 3D2 Entertainment is a horror and puzzle based indie game.

The Crow’s Eye Review: Puzzles to Piss You Off

Too lazy to read? Watch our review in less than 4 minutes. As a big fan of puzzle adventures and horror games, The Crow’s Eye by 3D2 Entertainment was definitely on my “must-play” list. The Crow’s Eye is a first-person...
The Great Whale Road has a promising setting, but the gameplay fails to deliver a compelling story and the combat system is utterly infuriating.

The Great Whale Road Review: Vikings Without a Purpose

The Great Whale Road is a story-driven RPG from Sunburned Games studio. Whose story are you driving? Well, the Great Whale Road is all about Vikings, and trying to do a good job at being a Viking--you control a faction of...
Blue Mammoth's Brawlhalla features cute characters ready to fight one another to the death. Does the game have a future as an esport?

Brawlhalla: New Fighting Game Enters the Esports Arena

Tired of playing Melee with your friends? Try picking up a copy of Brawlhalla, the latest title from developers Blue Mammoth Games, a Georgia-based independent game studio. Brawlhalla is a free-to-play 2D platform fighter game where players compete in various modes with a...
LYNE is an immersive and relaxing puzzle game that's guaranteed to help you unwind.

LYNE Review: Peaceful Puzzles and Pacifying Polygons

Sometimes, I just wanna play a chill puzzle game. No frantic clicking, no obnoxious pinging, no screaming children--just untimed puzzle solving and calm colors. LYNE is an indie game from Thomas Bowker, and it's available on Steam, Android, and iOS....
Atlas Reactor was one of our favorite titles at PAX East 2017, combining turn-based combat with familiar MOBA mechanics.

Atlas Reactor: Trion’s Fresh Take on Turn-Based PvP

PAX East is a showcase of the newest and most noteworthy games, and every year at the convention developers proudly display their hard work to a crowd of over 80,000 people. Trion's Atlas Reactor was one of my favorite games...
The Logitech G Pro Keyboard is a worthy successor to the Pro mouse, one of the best gaming peripherals of 2016.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard Review: Mechanical Superiority

The market for gaming hardware is booming. If you’re a passionate gamer or diehard esports fan, there's no shortage of companies vying for your dollar. Plenty of these businesses are willing to sacrifice build quality in favor of larger advertising...
Solstice Chronicles: MIA is still under development, but we've got high expectations after testing out the Beta.

Solstice Chronicles: MIA Review

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is an upcoming top-down twin-stick shooter from the developers over at Ironward. The premise? Simple. You're a soldier fighting his way through hordes of alien monsters. You can call on a drone for assistance, but that’s...
Looking for the best esports apps? Keep reading for our guide to the best of the App Store and Google Play.

The Best Esports Apps: Pro Gaming News On Your Smartphone

As an esports writer, I need to have an app for my smartphone that's not only up to date on matches, but offers a variety of resources, including historical data, for me to peruse as needed. You've probably heard of...
The Red Solstice - Review

The Red Solstice Review: Survival, Soldiers, and Strategy

  The Red Solstice is a real-time strategy game developed by Ironward Studios, and it's on sale right now for $7.99 on Steam. Should you buy it? Well, here's the deal: humanity has been laid to waste and the survivors have taken to the...