Dominance Shown in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit so far in 2019

Dominance Last Year's Dota 2 Pro Circuit (DPC) saw a dominant team - Virtus Pro (VP) - throughout all majors. They won Hamburg, Katowise, Bucharest, Birmingham and placed second in the China Dota2 Supermajor. This was the team to beat...

What Went down at Dota 2 T18 and What to Expect from T19

Every year The International competition is more intense, more competitive. Players have been noticing this. This year was no different. We saw PSG.LGD make a surprise run for the Aegis. They dominated the group stage to reach the upper...

EG Fear: So Much for ‘Retirement’

So much for retirement. It started with the announcement of Fear on the sub roster. This itself wasn't that groundbreaking. It makes sense that Evil Geniuses would want someone like Fear available in case one of their starters fell ill or...

BuLba: Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride

BuLba is subject of many a meme. "MMR Assassin," "LULba." There's quite a list. Unfortunately, he's a player known for joining teams right before they go downhill, instead of for his in-game versatility. BuLba Quick Facts: Real Name: Sam Sosale ...

Another Valve Documentary: True Sight vs. Free to Play

Valve is back at it with a new documentary series, True Sight. This is a follow-up to 2014's Free To Play, which followed the journeys of hyhy, Fear, and Dendi. Here's the link to Valve's blog post about True Sight. True Sight, A Valve...
Epic Plays in Dota

The Top 5 Greatest Plays in Dota – Pro Edition

OK, we had some MDL action to tide us over between Majors, but it's still not enough. Feeling depressed over no tournament to watch? Relive some of these epic moments and the greatest plays in Dota. Also if you've just...
EG Roster Changes

EG Roster Changes: Fear Retires, Arteezy Returns

Evil Geniuses always seems to be at the center of the Dota2 roster shuffle nexus. EG Roster Changes for Post TI6: Departures: Fear, PPD.  Fear's retirement wasn't a huge surprise. He has a repetitive strain injury and has been alluding to retiring...
Post - TI Roster Shuffles

Post TI Roster Shuffle – Wilder than Your Wildest Dreams

Literally speechless, at first. Last year's post TI roster shuffle left many of us feeling somewhat stunned. My Cloud9 shirt (and mug, wristband, sticker...) lost much of its relevance. But we adapted. I thought the pinnacle of roster shuffle drama arrived...
Dota 2 Supports - Position 4 and 5

Dota 2 Support Guide: Positions 4 and 5

Playing support can often feel like carrying the world on your shoulders. You're expected to set up wards, babysit your carries, stack camps, scout out ganks - pretty much everything. Positions 4 and 5 have differing roles and require...
Attending TI6

Attending TI6 from outside Key Arena: Al Fresco Style

After two years of waiting, I finally had a shot at attending TI6 in person. It's definitely a perk of taking a job in the state of Washington. Unfortunately, the day tickets were released I was boating around the...
Fear and Universe

Clinton “Fear” Loomis: Veteran of USA Dota

In honor of Independence Day this week, here's a feature on one of the USA's most well known players: Clinton "Fear" Loomis. Fear Darkness Affectionately called "Old Man Fear," at 28 Loomis is indeed one of the older Dota 2 pros, especially...
The International 2016 Open Qualifiers

Do Pro Teams in Open Qualifiers Ruin Competition?

THE DREAM IS ALIVE - EVIL GENIUSES AND SECRET BOUND FOR TI6 I had my doubts, but they pulled it off. Both teams had great runs through the Open Qualifiers and have clinched the first spot in their regions. They're...