Boston Major

Dota 2 Hero Leshrac

Unconventional Hero Picks at the Boston Major

Well, we've seen a lot of Mirana and Batrider already, as expected. But the Boston Major has already treated us to several unconventional hero picks. Leshrac (Complexity, EG) CoL picked up Lesh in both the group stages and Game 1 against...
Zfreek laughing with his brother, swindlezz, in Valve's TI5 profile video.

Zfreek and CompLexity: Standout Performance in Group Stage

The group stage of the Boston Major is underway, and while we've been treated to several great games, both of the the compLexity - Evil Geniuses series were clear standouts. EG is different now. Nobody would argue that PPD wasn't an...
Alex 'Machine' Richardson

The Value of Crossover: Machine as Boston Major Host

We won't be seeing ReDeYe this time around. Alex "Machine" Richardson is the surprise Boston Major host. Apparently everyone uses that photo of him in that pose for their press release materials.  Admittedly, I don't watch as much CS:GO as I...
Team Faceless Dota2

Five Reasons to Root for Team Faceless at the Boston Major

Feeling lost without Liquid, Secret, NaVi, nor Alliance to root for at Boston? Do you miss iceiceice's specific brand of humor? 'Fear' not (huehuehue), Team Faceless is here! Or, rather, there. In Boston. Why Team Faceless? 5. An Underdog Team in an...