The Top Fantasy LCS Performers (So Far)

Feb 3, 2016

The halfway point of the 2016 LCS Spring Split is quickly approaching. This is the time for fantasy players everywhere to stop what they are doing immediately and direct all attention to their fantasy team. It doesn’t matter how poorly you’ve done up until this point. You still have a chance to rebound and earn all the prestige and glory that comes with winning a fantasy LCS championship.

Whether you are last place or first place; it makes no difference. There is just barely over half of the 2016 spring split left to be played out. That allows more than enough time for the lowest ranked teams to climb their way to the top, throwing you back down the ladder as they reach for the next rung. You can prevent such madness from occurring by solidifying your team. You need to ensure you have the best team possible, as fast as possible.

Top 2016 Spring Split Fantasy LCS Performers

TL Lourlo Top Lane
Rookie top laner Lourlo is currently even more valuable than other brand name players.

Top Lane: Lourlo. This may come to a surprise to many first time fantasy LCS players. Team Liquid’s Lourlo currently has more points than Huni, Odoamne, and Darshan. This is a consequence of long game times. Drawn out games tend to result is more minions being farmed, and have the potential for more team fights. Lourlo has benefited from this greatly despite not putting on performances equal to the other three aforementioned carry top laners.

Lourlo currently has 102.79 fantasy points, leading all top laners. Barely. Huni finds himself less than half a point below Lourlo at 102.56, and Odoamne is just over a point below Huni at 101.08.

G2 Trick Jungler
G2 jungler Trick (center) is currently the highest scoring jungler. Photo via lolesports.

Jungle: Trick. G2 is a blood thirsty rookie team that top European teams don’t want to play against. Trick is a big part of that. Aside from one confusing game which had Trick playing Udyr, the aggressive jungler has been successful in creating advantages for hard carry mid laner Perkz, and occasionally newly minted top laner Kikis. Trick seems to be dominant regardless of which champion he plays. Even on Udyr he managed to put up a KDA of 3.0.

Trick has earned his fantasy owners 112.70 fantasy points so far this season, and is currently the sixth best fantasy player to own. Immortals’ ReignOver is a very close second place, only a single fantasy point away from Trick, while third place is claimed by Dardoch (99.20); the new Team Liquid jungler who has played one less game than everybody else!

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TL Fenix
FeniX joins his fellow Team Liquid teammates atop the most valuable fantasy players to own. Photo via lolesports.

Mid Lane: FeniX. Team Liquid has played a bunch of very long games which is why their players have all racked up an impressive amount of fantasy points. FeniX’s performances haven’t been as consistent as fellow teammate Piglet, but nonetheless, fantasy owners will be happy they selected the number one scoring mid laner at this point. Fenix has been extra generous to fantasy owners when he is able to play Lux.

FeniX has earned his fantasy owners 129.57 points so far this season, and is currently the third best fantasy player. Other mid laners worth mentioning include rookie Perkz from G2 (119.96 points) and Immortals’ Pobelter (119.24 points). If you managed to predict Perkz’ dominance, or were the first to pick him up from the free agent pool, congratulations; you snagged one of the best European mid laners for free!

TL Piglet
Piglet has always been an extremely emotional player. If he can prevent his emotions from impacting him negatively it could be a big season for him.

AD Carry: Piglet. Team Liquid came into the season with a 10-man roster and started utilizing their unique flexibility almost immediately. After a couple rough losses the team didn’t let up, and seems to be turning over a new leaf. Piglet has looked like the player Team Liquid had in mind when they imported the Korean AD carry last year. His positioning and damage output on Caitlyn and Lucian have been a key driver in the teams recent success.

Piglet has earned his fantasy owners 138.55 fantasy points so far this season, and is currently the number one top fantasy player. AD carry worth mentioning: WildTurtle (130.99 points). The third placed AD carry (Zven) has 20 less points than the second place WildTurtle.

IMT Adrian
Immortals’ Adrian plays the support role in the truest sense of the word. He hasn’t had to worry about instigating engagements so far, just keeping his teammates alive.

Support: Adrian. After not dying in any of his first three games, Adrian has continued to keep his teammates alive by playing Janna and Soraka. Naturally, he has racked up a TON of fantasy points in the process. Adrian has only played Janna and Soraka in all six games Immortals have played this season, using shields and heals to enable his teammates in making aggressive plays. It will be interesting to see what the team has planned when these champions are banned out.

Adrian uses Janna to do Janna things, and Immortals win the team fight against TSM.

Adrian has collected 109.55 fantasy points so far this season. This is especially impressive when you consider that the next best support player (Aphromoo) has just 89.42 points – a difference of 20 fantasy points! European supports Vander (H2K) and Mithy (OG) remain only a couple points behind Aphromoo.

Team: The undefeated Immortals are the highest scoring team so far this split. Immortals have always earned first blood for themselves, ended the game in less than 30 minutes four times, and lead the most towers destroyed category with 58. All this means a cool 107 points for their lucky fantasy owner.

H2K (96 points) and UoL (96 points) are the second best teams to own, followed by G2 (93 points).

The Best Possible Fantasy LCS Team (So Far)

If you drafted all of these champions from the beginning, you deserve a prize. Here is the best possible fantasy LCS team as of today:

  • Top Lane: Lourlo (Team Liquid)
  • Jungle: Trick (G2)
  • Mid Lane: FeniX (Team Liquid)
  • AD Carry: Piglet (Team Liquid)
  • Support: Adrian (Immortals)
  • Team: Immortals.

Remember, there’s still time! These select players may not remain the best players to own by the end of the season. Try to identify what makes these players so great in the context of fantasy points. Long games? Willingness to team fight? Develop your own criteria and use it aggressively to ensure a strong second half to your fantasy LCS season.

Good luck, and have fun!

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