Splyce Proving to Be Top Team in Europe

Jul 23, 2016

Splyce now find themselves in second place within the European LCS after convincingly defeating Fnatic and H2K in their week 8 matches. There were individual errors that will be easy to point out when the team goes over the VODs, but in the end it was enough to secure a 4-0 week against two teams who are far from push overs.

The European region is a confusing mix of teams who nobody can make their mind up on. It seems like almost any team is capable of stealing a game off of a higher ranked team. Does this mean that the top teams are weaker this year, or that the bottom teams are stronger? I don’t think Splyce really cares.

After making their LCS debut in Spring Splyce finished in 8th place, above GIANTS! and Roccat and just barely escaped relegation matches. The team were unimpressive for the most part with exception to a few standout games from mid laner Sencux. Splyce stayed calm by keeping their roster in tact, save for swapping out support player Nisbeth for Mikyx.

Perhaps the all Danish team needed a little change of culture. Mikyx has proved to be a very successful addition to the surging Splyce sophomores. Looking at the team now compared to Spring is night and day. Splyce no longer relies on Sencux, Wunder is mostly low econ, but has also shown glimpses of carry potential on Olaf, and Kobbe has emerged as one of the best AD carries in Europe.

The impact of coach YamatoCannon shouldn’t be underestimated. It can be easy to forget that Yamato is the head of coach of Splyce and not just the team mascot. The man loves being in front of a camera, which may not be a bad thing for the team when it takes the scrutiny that comes with the spotlight off the players. Yamato has molded this team into a dangerous group of versatile players capable of challenging for the top spot in Europe.

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Splyce currently sits in second place with 30 points; 4 more than Fnatic, and 4 less than G2. Next week, for their final week of regular season games, Splyce will face off against 9th place Origen, and 6th place Unicorns of Love, as they try to secure their first round bye in the quickly approaching Spring playoffs.

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Jamie Jacobs
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