BunnyFufuu to Step Down from Role as C9 Support

Jul 18, 2016

Cloud 9’s 1a/1b support experiment has come to an end with Smoothie on top. BunnyFufuu took to Twitter earlier today to announce he will be taking a “back seat role” with Cloud 9 moving forward by supporting the team off the rift. Here’s the statement BunnyFufuu released via Twitlonger:

Update on moving forward:

People always question whether me joining Cloud 9 was the right decision or not, but if I was presented with the same opportunity again, I would still make the exact same choice. But moving forward I will be taking more a of back seat role in the team now and focusing on streaming full time. As I am very close with everyone on the team, I will still be living in the C9 house, sharing my time with everyone and occasionally helping here and there. Feel free to pop by my stream and ask me questions. Thank you all so much for all the support you have given me, and I hope you will all continue to support me in the future. 

Cloud 9 released a statement of their own shortly after which included 2 whole sentence confirming Bunnyfufuu’s change of roles within the team:

Stepping back from the starting roster and into a substitute support position, Michael “Bunny FuFuu” Kurylo will look to shift his focus to streaming full-time. Michael will continue to live and work in the Cloud9 LCS house while remaining involved with the LCS roster in a supporting fashion.

The timing of this move makes sense coming off of Cloud 9’s recent series against Apex in which they decided to start support Smoothie for all 3 games instead of alternating between the two players as they’ve done all season.

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It was revealed earlier in the year that Bunnyfufuu had been going through some motivation issues. During his time with C9, Bunnyfufuu was never declared the starting support. This may have been the last time we see Bunnyfufuu in competitive play.

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