NRG Terminates Contracts with League of Legends Team

Aug 14, 2016

It didn’t take long after former NRG jungler Santorin announced he would be entering free agency for the rest of his former teammates to join him. NRG announced yesterday that they would be terminating contracts with the remaining members of their Summer split League of Legends roster.

The NRG organization admits the recent iteration of their League of Legends team was a disappointment, but they’re not ready to exit the game just yet. NRG co-founder Andrew Miller said the organization released the players now to give them sufficient time to find new teams and get their plans in order.

Support player Kiwikid was contemplating retirement before joining the revamped NRG roster for the summer split. Kiwikid has likely played his last game in the LCS based on a recent tweet suggesting he’s looking to move into an analysis role like his former Dignitas teammates Crumbzz and Scarra.

Mid laner GBM was the focal point of NRG for the entirety of 2016 but wasn’t able to repeat his strong Spring performances in the recent split. This might be one of the reasons the former LCK player is looking to switch to the jungle role next year.

GBM shared on Twitter that past coaches have recommended that he become a jungler, and that he has been practicing the role for 1 year. Perhaps that explains his weak Summer performances.

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Neither top laner Quas or AD carry Ohq have announced their intentions going forward. Quas did not look very good in his return to competitive play after leaving Team Liquid. This could be the end for the Venezuelan top laner.

ADC Ohq didn’t live up to the hype he brought in from the NACS, but it remains to be seen how much of that was because of being surrounded by poor team play. Surely the mechanically gifted AD carry will receive a second chance, but that chance may come from a Korean team if his English doesn’t improve.

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