Play These 5 Champions to Take the First Tower

Aug 8, 2016

If you haven’t yet played a few games on patch 6.15 you might not now about a significant change made to how much gold you get from the first tower killed. This “turret first blood” gives 400 total bonus gold (on top of the standard 250 local gold) to the killer’s team. Pushing down that first turret just got a whole lot more appealing.

5 of the Best Siege Champions in League of Legends

Below you’ll find a list of 5 siege champions that are excellent at gobbling up minion waves and taking down turrets as early as possible. Play these champions to try your hand at earning your team that juicy 400 bonus gold upon first turret kill.

You may notice the lack of infamously dangerous late game turret melters like Jax – but remember, the first blood turret bonus goes over to the first turret killed. We don’t have time for champions like Jax to scale!

Instead, pick one of these champions:


Caitlyn siege champions
Caitlyn’s long auto-attack range makes her an excellent siege champion. Image via Riot Games.

As an AD carry with one of the longest auto-attack ranges in the game, Caitlyn is good champion to play to chase that first tower kill. Caitlyn is capable of poking out her lane opponent and then zoning them out with traps while she damages their tower. Annoyingly effective. Pair Caitlyn with a heavy poke support (like Karma) if you really hate your opponent.


Malzahar siege champions
I love being Malzahar ult’ed. Image via Riot Games.

Malzahar has been meta ever since his recent rework which made his endless pushing even harder to stop. An ideal laning phase for Malzahar involves AFK farming until level 6, at which point he receives a gank and easily kills his opponent with his ultimate, and then returning to AFK farming. Malz and his minions have plenty of time to chip away at the turret when his opponent is forced back to base (because he’s dead).


Sivir siege champions
Nobody really knows what kind of pose Sivir is going for here, but we do know she’s a strong turret pusher. Photo via Riot Games.

Another powerful pushing AD carry, Sivir can use half of her abilities to get the wave crashing into her opponent’s turret quickly, and then use Ricochet again to get an extra auto in on the turret. Sivir can’t push waves quite as safely as Caitlyn because of her shorter auto-attack range, but she is generally considered the stronger ADC in the current meta.

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Jayce siege champions
Jayce can do a lot of damage quickly to turrets with his Hyper Charge (W). Image via Riot Games.

Although you probably won’t see Jayce played on-stage by your favorite LCS pro anytime soon, Jayce can still be a solo dynamic queue superstar. The shape-shifting hammer wielding poke champion is very capable of destroying turrets early when he has a range advantage over his opponent.


Ziggs is a siege champion that may become meta in the LCS once 6.15 hits the tournament realm just because of recent changes made to his Satchel Charge (W). With only a single point in Satchel Charge, Ziggs can now demolish (execute) turrets below 25% HP. That makes the newly added 400 total bonus gold 25% easier to earn for teams with a Ziggs in the mid lane.

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