Fnatic Coach Deilor Replaced and Done with Coaching

Aug 6, 2016

Today Fnatic released a statement announcing that longtime League of Legends head coach Luis “Deilor” Sevilla would be stepping down. Fnatic had this to say about moving forward without Deilor:

Fnatic coach Deilor announcement
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The timing of this decision is indeed odd considering that Fnatic will begin their playoff matches against H2K only 8 days from now. The statement claims the move was made in order to give the team a fresh start as soon as possible, but NicoThePico, Deilor’s replacement, has been working with Fnatic as an assistant coach already.

Coach Deilor Done with Coaching LoL

fnatic coach deilor

Deilor released a lengthy statement of his own alongside the Fnatic announcement in which he explains the current state of Fnatic’s team environment, and how he just couldn’t fix things to the level he felt was necessary:

Our results are the consequence of how the team has been working and it’s clear that there are issues that I’m not able to fix. For the last couple of months my work hasn’t lead us to a healthy environment, the team has barely improved and we didn’t have positive results. From my point of view, this is not acceptable with such a talented roster.

As a coach, if you are not able to fix the issues it means that you are not doing your job properly or players aren’t willing to cooperate. In any case, changes need to be made as soon as possible so the team continues growing looking into Worlds.

Deilor also went on to reveal that he would not be pursuing another coaching job within League of Legends, but still intends to remain in esports:

About my future, even though my interest in eSports is as high as ever, I’m not going to continue coaching League. I feel that the industry is still in its infancy and I can have a very positive impact focusing on business and development areas.

Deilor would close out his official release by thanking his fans and supporters. You can find the complete statement made by Deilor here.

Patrik “cArn” Sättermon, Fnatic’s Chief Gaming Officer, went on to hint at re-hiring Deilor back into the Fnatic organization in another capacity may be an option going forward:

Whereas it’s naturally sad to put a closure to the “Era of Deilor”, I can’t stop feeling excitement for what’s next to come from Luis and I’m certain that we as an organisation will have many interesting opportunities to work with Luis, and whenever we have more information about this we will do further announcements.

cArn’s full statement can be found here.

While it was certainly shocking to discover Deilor stepped down from Fnatic, the fact that he will not look for another coaching position in League of Legends reveals that perhaps the former coach of the split wasn’t as engaged in his coaching duties as he once was.

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Replacement coach NicoThePico has enjoyed a short week-and-a-half internship under Deilor and will now be passed the reigns. One has to imagine the years of discipline instilled into the team by Deilor will make the transition easier.

Fnatic is set to take on H2K in the EU LCS Playoffs on August 14th, 2016, at 11AM EST.

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