H2K Forg1ven Propels Team to 5-0 Weekend

Jul 31, 2016

H2K has had quite an interesting weekend. At the end of last season it was clear that ADC Forg1ven wasn’t returning to H2K after a disappointing playoffs. In typical Forg1ven fashion, there were parting social media posts and interview that put his former team in a bad light. The passionate AD carry is extremely confident in his own abilities and often feels like his teammates hold him back from achieving his true potential.

As you can imagine, this tends to rub former teammates the wrong way. In fact, shortly before Summer started, H2K support Vander claimed that Forgiven won’t return. And if he does I’m leaving the team”.

RNG Freeze
H2K Freeze hasn’t been living up to the hype he once had, but that may be due to recurring wrist issues. Photo via Riot Games.

This created a problem situation when H2K’s replacement ADC, Freeze, began under performing due to tendinitis. It is widely known that the European ADC talent pool is very, very dry. Dry enough that Origen decided to move veteran mid laner xPeke off the bench into the ADC role instead of a young emerging talent. With Freeze unable to practice, H2K was forced to reach out to Forg1ven.

After being kicked from Origen at the beginning of the season due to motivation issues, Forg1ven was set join H2K on the LCS stage yet again. It turns out he’s still got it. Forg1ven put in 5 excellent performances to propel H2K to a 5-0 weekend against Origen, Unicorns of Love, and a tie-breaker victory against Fnatic.

Playoffs: H2K Versus Fnatic

H2K equipped with Forg1ven looks considerably better than H2K with Freeze. Whether or not that comes down to Freeze’s recent injury woes is difficult to tell. Regardless, fans of H2K have to be praying that the notorious Greek powerhouse sticks around long enough to give H2K that extra boost during their playoff run.

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There is some doubt that will happen based on a recent tweet from Forg1ven posted in response to Fnatic AD carry Rekkless.

However, in the same chain of tweets, benched H2K AD carry Freeze suggests he won’t be back anytime soon unless his hand “magically heals”:

Fans of Fnatic should be frantically searching Craigslist for masters practitioners of black magic capable of healing tendinitis based on how their team has looked recently. As long as Forg1ven and H2K can keep their emotions in check, this could be the resurgence of an H2K team that hasn’t looked up to par this split.

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