Fnatic Versus H2K Playoff Series Moved to Tuesday

Aug 15, 2016

It’s Monday and the winner of the Fnatic versus H2K series is… undecided. How is that possible?

Thousands of excited EU LCS fans woke up to the sound of their alarms on Sunday morning to watch the much anticipated Fnatic versus H2K playoff series only to be faced with an hour of casters trying to buy time for Riot’s technical team to resolve the audio issues preventing the games from starting.

Riot’s own geek squad was unable to find a solution to the audio issues and the series was pushed back to Tuesday, August 16th, at 11AM EST.

Delay is Prolly Not a Big Deal

Although postponing a playoff series that is as hyped as this Fnatic versus H2K one sucks for those of us who were faced with disappointment this past Sunday, but I don’t think either of these teams really mind too much.

It’s been barely over a week since Fnatic parted ways with longtime head coach Deilor – you don’t think replacement coach NicoThePico considers the extra couple days of practice as a blessing for his team? Fnatic are the underdogs in this series. They can’t be upset after being gifted a couple more days of practice.

It’s not like H2K is up in arms about the delay either. All things considered H2K’s chance of winning the series is probably higher the sooner they are able to play Fnatic after Deilor’s departure, but H2K has adjustments of their own to make after welcoming Forg1ven back onto the team.

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See You Tuesday

The delay isn’t that bad for us, the fans, either. As long as you are able to sneak open a Twitch stream at work on Tuesday morning then you are set. Plus, you’ll only have to wait 4 more days afterwards for your next dose of LCS action instead of the intended 6 days.

Look on the bright side!

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