Goldenglue Talks NA Solo Queue and What Sets Him Apart

Jan 2, 2016

First of all, congratulations on your accomplishment. Climbing to the #1 spot in any League of Legends region is a significant achievement no matter how long it lasts. Will you continue to push for first place, or is this something to cross off the list? Can you do it again?

Thank you, I will continue to try to keep rank 1 as long as possible and when the servers reset for the next season I will attempt to go for rank 1 again.

This news will mean something different to each reader, but what does it mean to you both personally and also as a player? Would it mean any more or less to be rank 1 of EU, KR, CN, or any other region?

Getting rank one means a lot to me because I have always taken soloQ seriously and to get rank one is the highest achievement a person can get in soloQ. I think it definitely would prove more difficult to get rank 1 in KR but I think it is probably around the same difficulty to achieve in EU. 

How do you describe yourself as a player? Are you mechanically proficient compared to other Challenger players? Is it your game knowledge, or perhaps something different that sets you apart from other top players?

If I had to describe myself as a player I would say I am a play maker, I like to set people up and go for flashy outplays. I would definitely say I am mechanically equal to LCS players and also have pretty good game knowledge but I think the thing that sets me apart from other players is my attitude and work ethic.

Recently, conversations in the LoL community have been centered on player salaries and contract negotiations. It’s great that your organization was first to release salary information. Having already locked in your earning rates, do you wish you did this a little earlier?

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Do you like or dislike League of Legends’s preseason changes? What needed improving, and what should have been left alone? How have the changes assisted in your climb?

I like the preseason changes because the game is now more fast paced and fun to play. made the climb to rank 1 faster lol.

Which players do you enjoy playing with and against in Solo Queue? Was any particular player difficult to win against?

I like playing with apollo because he is a funny guy and I enjoy playing vs pobelter because he is really good.

What is your philosophy on how to climb the ladder fastest? How do you deal with playing in off-role situations? How does luck factor into climbing Solo Queue?

My philosophy in soloQ is just to focus on my own play and not worry about anyone else’s play, I often like to mute everyone in a game so I can just focus on my mechanics and winning. I actually really enjoy playing off roles especially jungling as Lee sin and I think being able to fill in soloQ is extremely important to climb the ladder. I think luck does play a role in climbing but a pretty low one, generally you might lose/win 1/10 games just because one team is stacked vs another.

How do you prepare for Solo Queue matches? Are there any habits you’ve formed or rituals that take place before you queue? How have you trained yourself to endure extended gaming sessions?

I just drink a lot of water before during and after all my soloQ games because I find it easier to think when I am hydrated. The only real habit I have is I like to take a break if I am starting to do bad/tilt.

Thanks so much for your time, goldenglue. Of course I’m a journalist, but I’m a fan first, so it really means a lot to have interacted with you. Keep up the good work, and good luck regaining/maintaining first place. Is there anyone you’d like to give thanks?

I’d like to thank my mom and dad for supporting me and also all my loyal fans for still supporting me even though I haven’t streamed much recently.

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