DoubleLift past His Prime? – NA LCS W4D2

Feb 10, 2016

We hit the Rift again week 4 day 2. TSM is still facing a shaky team and facing a hungry Renegades team. DoubleLift must be feeling the pressure to preform just as the rest of the TSM roster is. Liquid, facing Immortals, has been able to get everything together with their new support and jungler but will that be enough to end Immortals prefect record?

Team Liquid has really been stepping up with their 4 game win streak going into the top dog in the NA LCS Immortals. Huni and Reignover have been playing together for a long time now and their chemistry really showed this game. TL Lourlo was ganked early on giving first blood over to Huni. Team Liquid was doing everything they could to stay in the game but this play by Huni really pushed Immortals into the lead.

Huni teleported behind Team Liquid for a flank. TL reacted fast and jumped on to Huni but he was able to get out just in time. A lot of cooldowns were used up on Huni leaving TL with very little options as the fight kept going. IMT chased them down for the ace and proved why time and time again that if they get ahead they keep the lead.

As bad as DoubleLift and TSM has done so far this split they have been able to stay in the middle of the pack. Renegades on the other hand have faced having different ADCs in the past weeks and now Remi is stepping down. Freeze called out DoubleLift in the pre-show saying “He is past his prime. He use to be way better than he is right now”. On top of the trash talk Freeze also played Draven, not one of your regular meta champs. The first blood in this game should come to surprise no one as it was in the top lane. Flaresz and Crumbz dove Hauntzer for an easy pick up as his flash was down from a Crumbz gank a couple minutes earlier. Hauntzer tried to get the kill back on Fiora to set the Grand Challenge on to Flaresz’ Ryze. Ryze easily turn the fight around to get another kill under his belt. This was great showing for REN even if its not a top form TSM team. REN threw the game as they went for baron. Crumbz got killed, left with out smite REN had to put more focus on Baron. TSM came in and cleaned out REN for an ace and a Quadra Kill for DoubleLift. This brought them back in to the game and take the win.

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Its clear that many teams are still trying to find their mojo. TSM being one of the biggest. DoubleLift moving to TSM was a big risk and so far its not 100% paying off. Everyone knew it would take time to get all these player on the same page. Headed now into the half way mark the split will soon be over. The question becomes; will TSM be in a playoff spot?

Freeze ultimately proved that he is a top ADC. REN being at the bottom has a very important game coming up as they face Echo Fox who they are tied for last with. The winner of this game will have a better shot at avoiding relegations.

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Feb 9, 2016
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Feb 7, 2016
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