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Full Hearthstone Card Back Guide

May 28, 2020
Image via Hearthstone.

Hearthstone Card Backs. What should you know?

Despite the fact that Hearthstone is fairly intuitive game, the card back system can be confusing to many players. They don’t know popular card backs and it’s hard for them to find information on how to get them, so we decided to make a Hearthstone card back guide so that you could get card backs you like.

Card backs allow you to change the image on the back of the cards. It`s a great way to decorate the deck, and at the same time boast about your in-game success and achievements. Since April 2020, the system for obtaining card backs has changed a bit. To get it, it is enough to gain 5 victories in the ranked, wild or standard format (the rank does not matter). Previously, you received a card back in the end of the season.

Thus, season card backs are available to everyone who regularly plays this game. Because of this, trying to put a new shirt on your cards does not make much sense, because the older your shirt is, the more unique it is, why take a new one if everyone you meet already has it?

The fact that you cannot get card backs from previous seasons and events makes them unique.

Here is, for example, a card back for the very first season in Hearthstone:

Image via Heathstone.

But don’t be discouraged, there are rare card backs that you can brag to beginners in Hearthstone! For example, one of them is the legendary Hearthstone card back, which is given as a reward for achieving Legend rank. Although today, compared, for example, with 2014, it is not so difficult.

In addition, there are shirts for different kind of achievement (simple and challenging):

Here is, for instance, Dalaran Flame card back

Image via Hearthstone.

What makes it unique?

This card back is acquired by participating in TeSPA or other college affiliate program.

Students can join TeSPA program (membership fee $ 10 per month). You can join a specific university or college. Or create your own group at your university or college, then join the TeSPA. Joining an existing group is possible by interviewing, filing an application in electronic form. They take only members of this educational institution, as they conduct many events and meetings in real life.

 You can also join or, more precisely, register your group with TeSPA if you belong to an American or Canadian educational institution. This card shirt is given to groups of 80 members, the award became available in the fall of 2014. So, alas, those who are from Europe are not able to receive this Hearthstone card back.

In general, all card backs fall into different categories, among them: cardbacks from solo adventures, in-game hero purchase, Blizzard collector editions, eSports card backs, different kind of promotions (e.g. BlizzCon), pre-purchase packs, Twitch prime.

You can check the detailed information here. And all the card backs can be viewed on the official website, by the way, there are already more than 100 of them.

Let’s take a look at some rare card backs, as well as shirts that can still be obtained.

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Card Backs Currently Available In Game

All card back images via Hearthstone. Check out the full list of backs there!

Season Card Backs

 Requiring Purchase

Card backs you can get connecting with other players

Some No Longer Available Card Backs

As you can see, Hearthstone card backs are divided into several types – ordinary, rare and exclusive. As a rule, there are no problems with getting regular card backs, since most of them are obtained by actively playing Hearthstone, gaining a rating in the ladder and for in-game purchases. But rare and exclusive card backs are completely different! To get one of them, you need to make a lot of effort, or seriously “invest” in the game at the right time.

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