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Teamfight Tactics Galaxies

Apr 29, 2020
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Teamfight Tactics Set Three Storms the Scene

The new Teamfight Tactics set has been out for a while, and if you haven’t seen the Korean ad for this set and the mobile version, please come see it. The theme for this set is Galaxies, which brings a lot of variation into the games we load into. These are the current known galaxies to exist: Lilac Nebula, where all the champions on the first carousel are 4-cost units, the Neekoverse, where all players are provided two pieces of Neeko’s Help each, Medium Legends Galaxy, where everyone starts off with 125 HP, Trade Sector, where people can get one free reroll each round, and the Superdense Galaxy, where players receive a free Force of Nature each round. Of course, the normal galaxy still exists and one could still get into it from time to time.

The increase in the variance in each Teamfight Tactics game makes it much harder to simply hard force one composition or one unit for every single playthrough. Adaptability is still key in Teamfight Tactics, where you must effectively scout enemy team compositions, and be able to adjust depending on what other players have and what each roll of the shop has provided for you.

With that being said, here are some team compositions that can definitely be able to help you take away some victories here and there:

6 Star Guardians, 4 Sorcerers

This is one of the most popular compositions in the current set of Teamfight Tactics. Getting six Star Guardians (assuming you did not use a Spatula to give another unit the Star Guardian Trait) automatically grants you three Sorcerers, so you’ll have to get one more Sorcerer to get the Four Sorcerers bonus. People usually get Lux due to the power of her ability, but any other sorcerer might work as well. For this composition to work extremely well, one must at least get Syndra and Neeko to 3 stars.

The Syndra would preferably hold two mana items (two Seraph’s Embraces) and one defensive item, and the Neeko would work well with Ionic Spark, Quicksilver Sash, and Guardian Angel.

My personal experience with using this kind of comp is to maximize damage from Syndra while Neeko provides protection because of her huge area of effect stun, but another good thing about it is that Soraka usually heals for so much, and her ability can turn the tides of a fight so well.

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3 Mech Pilots, 4 Infiltrators

Mech Pilot compositions are quite difficult to deal with. The three Mech-Pilot units are Annie, Rumble, and Fizz. Following this you will have to get three more infiltrators (as Fizz is already one), but getting a 3 star Kai’sa is recommended, especially if you can get a Spatula item to turn her into a Demolitionist. This will make her stun opponents with her ability. In addition to that, giving her a Seraph’s Embrace and Morellonomicon will make her use her ability faster, and will enable her to deal additional damage to her opponents.

Giving Shaco some attack damage items like Bloodthirster, or even an Infinity Edge, would also be recommended as Shaco’s ability scales off of it.

Master Yi and Yasuo

Honestly, synergies don’t matter much with this composition. All you need is a 3 star Master Yi and a 3 star Yasuo. The most common iteration of this composition, however, is having the aforementioned two, completing the six-unit Blademaster synergy with Irelia, Kayle, Xayah, and Shen, adding a Kassadin to have the Mana-Reaver synergy, and a Sona to get 3 Rebels. This composition comes with a 2 Celestial synergy due to Kassadin and the Xayah.

The Master Yi would need a Guinsoo’s Rageblade, a Bramble Vest, and a Quicksilver, and the Yasuo would need an Infinity Edge, Bloodthirster, and a Guardian Angel. You can also play an iteration of this that uses the same units, but puts items onto Kayle as priority, with Guardian Angel and Guinsoo’s Rageblade being the best items for her.

6 Cybernetic and 3 Blademaster

As the title suggests, this composition requires the full cybernetic synergy with Leona, Vi, Irelia, Lucian, Ekko, and Fiora. The cornerstone of this composition is the Irelia, but she would need at least one Infinity Edge (two of this item would be preferred) and a Mortal Reminder. The Lucian could be given one item so that it could carry before Irelia and/or Ekko reach 2 stars – Red Buff is best if you can get another blaster. Vi and Ekko would need to be given items as well— remember that the Cybernetic synergy would need items for it to be in effect. Other champions in this composition would be a Kayle and a Miss Fortune: Kayle would be needed to get the 3 Blademaster bonus, and the Miss Fortune would be great to obtain the 2 Blaster and 2 Valkyrie synergies. Note that Thief’s Gauntlet is a particularly strong item for this comp, as you are forced to spread your items anyway.

If your item rolls are not good, then please, do not attempt to build this composition.                                     

Final Thoughts

As I said earlier, adaptability is needed to be able to get the best out of every Teamfight Tactics game, due to the fact that there are so many viable compositions currently existing in the game. In the addition to just the simple combination of the champions, positioning must also be considered when dealing with your opponents. Be wary of enemy Infiltrators, Blitzcranks, or any other champion that has any ability to get access to your backline.

It’s a new set and there’s so many more possibilities available to all of us, so get into some TFT games and try to climb up as much as you can with these compositions!

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