Looking for some good Dota comics to pass the time? We've got you covered.
Edited panel from a comic by Fruiscs.

The Four Best Dota Comics on the Internet

Mar 22, 2017
Edited panel from a comic by Fruiscs.

I love “crossover” media, especially the hilariously illustrated recap comics. Here’s a list of four great Dota comics to read during the downtime between drama  tournaments.

Dota Comics: Esports

During DAC 2015, a Chinese fan drew comics depicting the events of each day of the main event. The comics were a huge hit in the Western scene as well, with fans translating them into English and posting them on Reddit. The original Reddit thread even explains idiomatic expressions and D  A  N  K    C  H  I  N  E  S  E    M  E  M  E  S. There are even comics for The Shanghai Major (lol), WCA 2015, and TI6!

In this Dota comic, EternalEnvy summons the power of anime to write a strongly worded blog post.
Original comic by GL, translated by Zaethus.

Dota Comics: Lore

Valve publishes beautifully illustrated comics, sometimes in conjunction with events or as Compendium stretch goals.

This guy is the real MVP–here’s a list up to September 2016 of all published Valve comics. 

A panel from Valve's Tip of the Spear comic.
One of Valve’s original comics.

‘Meta’ Gaming Comics

NerfNow is a webcomic with an ongoing plot, as well as a lot of one-offs about various games. The creator draws quite a few Dota-themed strips.

NerfNow is a webcomic about a wide range of games, including Dota 2 on occasion.
Comic by Josué Pereira / NerfNow.

NerfNow’s Guide to the Phases of Dota is definitely worth checking out.

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Dota Comics: Heroes

If you’re a manga fan, you’ll probably enjoy the Dota comics of Fruitscs. Their art style has been compared to GinTama.

Dota Comic
Fruitscs on Tumblr.

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Jakiro's remodel is finally complete.Shadow Demon's place in the meta is still unclear following a series of nerfs to illusions and his abilities. Will he return to dominance in Patch 7.03?
Mar 20, 2017
Juggernaut's Arcana is still missing, seven months after TI6.
Mar 13, 2017
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Mar 13, 2017
The public feud between Puppey and EternalEnvy has started back up again.
Mar 9, 2017
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