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Our Five Favorite Pokémon Hearthstone Cards

A Special Introduction This post is thanks to the creative genius of Redditor Corpit. He created an entire album of all original 151 Pokémon as Hearthstone cards. (Check it out, they're amazing.) You can see the Reddit post here. I talked...

Hearthstone: The Developers Have Spoken

Lately there have been a lot of criticisms of the Hearthstone developers for their lack of communication. I wrote an article on the subject just last week. However, since then, Ben Brode has commented on the forums and Reddit. He...
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Hearthstone’s New Player Experience Sucks

Lately there have been a lot of people complaining about the new player experience. Players who have tried to get their friends to play, or are new themselves. They try and start new accounts, and quickly get frustrated and...
Rock Paper Scissors

The Rock Paper Scissors Meta

I’ve talked a lot about my issues and concerns with the current meta lately. I feel it’s too fast, and your opening draw will often decide the outcome of the game. Today, I'm doing a different type of analysis: we’re going...
What's in a meta? Lots of overpowered stuff, it turns out.

Hearthstone: 2016 Meta Review

It's finally 2017. Happy New Year to everyone! For our first Hearthstone article of the New Year, we wanted to take a look back at the meta throughout 2016. A look at the best, the worst, and the Shamans. Are...
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Dear Hearthstone Developers…

Background The last week or so, the Hearthstone subreddit has been overtaken by rants aimed at the developers. Many of the concerns are things I agree with wholeheartedly and have written about myself in the past. Hearthstone isn’t going the way...
Patches the Pirate rears his swashbuckling head.

Elusive Turn Five: The Worst Hearthstone Meta to Date

Recently, many professional players, as well as community members, have expressed their unhappiness with the state of Hearthstone. This dissatisfaction is a direct result of several cards printed in the recent Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion, and it may...
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The Direction of Randomness and RNG

Introduction This article was inspired by a video Firebat made this week. In the video, which I've included below, he talks about the different ways that Mean Streets of Gadgetzan introduced a lot of RNG. See, the big thing about the...
Misplays in Hearthstone often go unpunished.

Misplays Are Rarely Punished in Hearthstone

Introduction Misplays are something that everyone encounters. If you are unaware of the term or can’t figure it out from context, a misplay is when you make an incorrect or sub-optimal move in a game. Everyone makes misplays, but the...
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The Post-Gadgetzan Meta: Back to Normal?

Introduction With the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion, a new meta appeared, dominated by Jade Golems, Pirates, and Reno decks. The ones that really stood out were Pirate Warrior, Jade Druid, and Renolock. Those three decks made up a massive percentage...
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The Grimy Goons Are Pretty Lame

The Families The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion added three crime families, or factions. We’ve discussed them quite a bit here, but I’ll briefly explain. The three factions added cards that can be used by three different classes. The Jade...
Kun the Forgotten King

Kun the Forgotten King of Combos

When Kun the Forgotten King was first announced, everyone was excited about a zero mana 7/7. But that was mostly just hype, and very soon Kun faded into oblivion in most people’s minds. As the meta turned out to...