The International

The International 2016

The International 2016 Highlights 8/9/2016

The Main event just started, but there's been plenty of must-see moments during the group stages. Here are some of The International 2016 highlights: The Upsets The Wildcard bracket was a bit of a toss up this year, with all four participating...
Dota 2 Merchandise

The TI Secret Shop and Dota 2 Merchandise

So you’ve all heard my rant about eSports team merchandise, but what about game merchandise? The TI Secret Shop The TI Secret Shop, named after its game counterpart, is a special Merchandise booth that pops up at Valve tournaments. Usually lines...
Short Film Contest

The Dota 2 Short Film Contest: A Celebration of Dota and Art

What is the Dota 2 Short Film Contest, you ask? Every year around The International, Valve puts up a bunch of prize money for the best ~1 minute long videos. Filmmakers submit their entries into the Workshop, where they're...
The International 2016

Why Hold The International 2016 Talent List?

TI6 starts in just a few days (hype!) - but Valve just released the talent list and format on Tuesday. Reddit's been whipped into a frenzy over which talent received invites and who was overlooked this year. It's pretty...
The Internation 6 Prize pool compendium

The International 6 – Funding an Insane Prize Pool

The International never fails to amaze in the prize pool department. It's the one thing we get to consistently hold over League: TI Prize Pools reach unprecedented levels for eSports tournaments. The International Prize Pool is typically increased by purchasing...
The International 2016

The International 2016 – Five Reasons to Watch

With The International 2016 only a month away now, it's time to take a look at what we can expect from Dota's biggest event. With the introduction of the Majors format this year, 2016 has already seen some epic...
NaVi Win The International

Dendi and NaVi Attend All Six Internationals

Danil "Dendi" Ishuten has represented the NaVi organization for six years. That's a longer career than any job I've had, that's for sure.  Dendi is now the only player to attend every TI as a member of the...
The International 2016 Open Qualifiers

Do Pro Teams in Open Qualifiers Ruin Competition?

THE DREAM IS ALIVE - EVIL GENIUSES AND SECRET BOUND FOR TI6 I had my doubts, but they pulled it off. Both teams had great runs through the Open Qualifiers and have clinched the first spot in their regions. They're...
The International 2016

BOLD PREDICTIONS for the International 2016

So we're a ways out yet from The International 2016 but I've been tasked with making a prediction on who is going to win the biggest tournament of the year. This time, Valve only offered six teams direct invites....

EG Forfeit Their International 6 Invite

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Evil Geniuses and Team Secret were eliminated from the main event in Manila on the first day of play. They placed third and last in their respective groups and were generally underwhelming. While many of us were...

An Introduction to Dota 2 Esports – Tournaments and Teams

So let's say hypothetically that you've gotten the lane thing down, you understand the basic map objectives and gold/item mechanics, and you have a few heroes that you spam in pubs. Now you want to see gameplay on a...

What Accommodations Should Professional Players Expect

It's common to see complaints raised on Twitter or other social media outlets about the hotel accommodations and the setups at LAN tournaments. Professional players often criticize the lack of privacy and quiet areas to practice before playing on...