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Nerf Please – Janna Needs Grounding

Many of the public outcries of late for champion nerfs have been directed towards some of the hyper-carrying AD champions: Zed, Shyvana, Quinn, etc.. But one champion that has escaped the wrath of many people (not all) has been...

Naked Play: The Need for a ‘No Skin’ Option

Recently I was playing a random solo queue game and happened to be put into a toplane matchup against Jayce. Normally, I find him to be pretty easy to play against, since most of the best players have dropped...

LoL’s Class Struggle: Change Predicted through Marx

Karl Marx was a 19th century Prussian philosopher who was so apt at articulating theory that he even formed an ideology, Marxism. In a drastic oversimplification, for the purpose of this article, this theory refers to a struggle between social classes...

New Money – Monopolizing or Professionalizing Esports

This is the third and final installment for the Monopolizing or Professionalizing series. If you have not already checked out the first article or second article you can do so at the following links, article 1; article 2. The last...

Riot’s Rules – Monopolizing or Professionalizing Esports

  If you did not read the article on the proposed changes be sure to check it out here. This will catch you up on some of information that was addressed in a previous article. So far we have...

Monopolizing or Professionalizing Esports: Riot’s Plans

The 2016 season is shaping up to be a tremendous year. Not only for the viewers but players and organizations. Organizations folding or breaking into the LCS for the first time, selling their LCS slots and acquiring new talent...

Frequencies – the Music of League of Legends

Go behind the scenes with the Riot music team as they challenge themselves to reveal a part of the League of Legends universe that hasn't been heard before.

The Making of Freljord Music

Follow Riot in the making of the Freljord music, used throughout the game. Learn what instruments were used and how they blended singing into the masterpiece.

Piglet and Impact – a Look Back to Move Forward

In this video, Piglet and Impact look back on their season 3 victory to find inspiration and drive to become world champions once again.

Live / Play – LoL Documentary

Check out this cool League of Legends documentary Riot Games put together.