With all of the original Dota 1 heroes successfully ported, now's a great time for Valve to check out some of the best hero concepts generated by the community.

Dota 2: The Best Fan-Made Hero Concepts

With The International 2017 only a month away, there's a chance we might see a new hero added to the Dota 2 roster in the not-too-distant future. Many heroes, including Techies, were showcased at TI before they were released. Now that Valve...
The best Dota 2 games in history didn't just happen back in the 'good ole days.'

The Best Dota 2 Games Since TI3

It’s been a long time since the greatest finals of any Major Dota tournament, where Alliance paved their way to victory at TI3 with s4's infamous "Million Dollar Dream Coil."* Any newer Dota players should certainly go back and...
While many players buy Dota cosmetics, Valve's management of the marketplace and the items themselves leaves much to be desired.

The Declining Value of Dota Cosmetics

The sale of Dota cosmetics is an essential part of Valve's free-to-play business model. Unlike League and Heroes of the Storm, Dota doesn't require any money to unlock characters, and unlike Overwatch, the game is free to install. At...