Seriously, every single fragmovie ever has this clip in it.

The Best CS:GO Frag Movies You’ve Never Seen

Today is the first day of the largest tournament in Counter-Strike history: MLG Columbus 2016. The first Major with a $1 million dollar prize pool will, without a doubt, produce no shortage of highlight clips and incredible plays. Later, once...

Stickers for Stars: SPY and GMB Won My Heart (and Wallet)

With the Columbus 2016 Major right around the corner, professional CS:GO players and their teams are all vying for their slice of your sticker money--many of them with creative advertising campaigns. Who can blame them? The stickers, in-game cosmetic items...

No “Group of Death,”: MLG Columbus Groups Announced

With the MLG Columbus 2016 Major looming on the horizon, the groups for the first stage of the tournament have officially been drawn. MLG released the group drawings via Instagram in pairs of two on March 10th and March 11th. Adam...

The Winter Major Concludes

Team Secret are your Shanghai Champions! After a crazy event filled with upsets (and upsetting production problems), Team Secret have come out on top, winning 3-1 against Liquid. Interestingly enough, Frankfurt (Fall) Major winners OG and WCA/Starladder 13 winners...

Shanghaied in Shanghai – an Event Beset with Complaints

Sharpen those pitchforks! In addition to the massive drama fallout over 2GD's dismissal, it seems that the Shanghai Major isn't done providing us with rage fuel. There is a laundry list of complaints with the event: English Stream is laggy/goes...

New Challengers Appear: The MLG Columbus 2016 Qualifier

'Tis the season of qualifiers, and the MLG Columbus 2016 Main Qualifier LAN took place this weekend, as 16 teams competed for the remaining 8 spots available at the Columbus Major in April. The top 8 teams from the...

Professionalism and Dota 2: A Case for the Middle Ground

Pretty much everyone with a passing interest in esports has heard about James "2GD" Harding's dismissal from the Shanghai Major panel. It's apparent that emotions are running high. Gabe Newell, the CEO of Valve, called Harding "an ass" on...
Can we also have a prize pool for who has the coolest idea for post-Major graffiti?

Valve Increases Prize Pool of Majors to $1,000,000

On February 23, 2016, Valve announced via blog post that the prize pool for all Majors--beginning with the MLG Columbus Major this April--will be raised from $250,000 to $1,000,000. These events are not only sponsored by Valve, but since the...

Shanghai Major Incoming! Bracket and Predictions

The Winter Major is almost here! It feels like the Frankfurt Major was ages ago - I'm looking forward to some top-caliber tournament play from my favorite teams. Here's a recap of the qualifier matches for Shanghai. Quick Stats: Current Prize Pool:...

An Introduction to Dota 2 Esports – Tournaments and Teams

So let's say hypothetically that you've gotten the lane thing down, you understand the basic map objectives and gold/item mechanics, and you have a few heroes that you spam in pubs. Now you want to see gameplay on a...

The Shanghai Sixteen – Open and Regional Qualifiers

After a bit of drama and a couple of surprising upsets, the qualifiers have ended and teams for the Shanghai major have been finalized. The Open Qualifiers This major's open qualifiers generated more interest than usual. The Dota 2 scene saw massive...

The Frankfurt Major Concludes! Team OG Are Your Champions!

After a Cinderella-story run, Team OG have taken the grand finals series 3-1 over Team Secret. OG has done what many believed was impossible - they played all the way up from the regional qualifiers, through a lower bracket...