Is buying an expensive gaming rig worth the money?

How Important Is a Good Gaming Rig?

People's opinions about gaming rigs often fall into two camps. In the first, you'll find people who don't see the point in building a gaming PC unless you're optimizing each individual part. In the second camp, you'll find a...
The Logitech G Pro Keyboard is a worthy successor to the Pro mouse, one of the best gaming peripherals of 2016.

Logitech G Pro Keyboard Review: Mechanical Superiority

The market for gaming hardware is booming. If you’re a passionate gamer or diehard esports fan, there's no shortage of companies vying for your dollar. Plenty of these businesses are willing to sacrifice build quality in favor of larger advertising...
Here we see a Logitech Pro in its natural environment: poorly lit rooms.

The Name Fits: Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse Review

I'd like to start off my review of the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse by showing a video. It's not even a video of the mouse I'm reviewing. You've probably already seen it--or heard about it through the meme...

Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse: First Impressions

There's a new mouse about to hit the market, and you should start getting excited now: Logitech have announced the release of the Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse. We were lucky enough to get our hands on an advance copy...
Every other gaming mouse sucks. End of story.

The Logitech G502 Kicks Ass

If you're in the process of buying a gaming mouse, I want you to close all those useless Google Chrome tabs you've got open. Reading other reviews, weird old forum posts, or trying to get a definitive answer about whether or not optical...