Is kennyS Still The Best AWPer in CS:GO History?

Is kennyS Still the Best AWPer in CS:GO History?

When you think about the best AWPers in CS:GO, Kenny "kennyS" Schrub is always the first name that comes to mind. In 2014, kennyS hit a skill peak that has yet to be matched by any other professional player. At...

CS:GO Player History: Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo originally made his name as a star AWPer in CS 1.6, where many hailed him as the heir apparent to cogu, one of the greatest AWPers in Counter-Strike history. FalleN dabbled in CS:Source and Crossfire, but...
Jeff Kaplan, the lead developer on Overwatch, has played the difficult role of de facto community manager since the game was released a year ago.

Overwatch: A Year in Review

By now, Overwatch has penetrated mainstream gaming culture so pervasively that it's easy to forget that the game is still, at least relatively speaking, fairly young. I had to do a double-take myself when I saw Blizzard's video announcing their...
The longest game of professional Dota 2 ever played was between Cloud9 and ScaryFaceZombiez, and lasted a whopping 200 minutes. ODPixel and Purge casted the infamous match.

Dota 2 History: The Longest Pro Game Ever

Cloud9 vs. ScaryFaceZombies currently holds the record as the longest game of professional Dota 2 ever played. Of course EternalEnvy was involved in something this ridiculous. The game clocks in at a whopping 200 minutes—that's three hours and twenty minutes for those of...
Nature's Prophet is a popular hero to draft in a deathball strat, known for his fearsome early game presence and ability to rat the other team to death.

Dota 2: What Is a Deathball Strat?

If you tuned into Dota 2's Kiev Major last week, you might've heard the analyst panel mention the possible appearance of a "deathball strat." Popular among teams from the CIS region, a deathball strat prioritizes ganking and fighting over laning and...
Bastion might finally have a place closer to the top of Overwatch hero tier lists.

Bastion: The Little Robot Who Rekt

Let's talk about Bastion. That's right, everyone's favorite killbot who's got a soft spot for woodland animals. Bastion could be mistaken for the forgotten lovechild of Snow White and Terminator, and today we're putting this Overwatch hero under the microscope. Bastion's Evolution Before Winston...

Hiko: The American Dreamer

After a series of poor performances during his last two tournaments with OpTic Gaming, it looks like Spencer "Hiko" Martin is going to be removed from the lineup. Perhaps the nicest way to describe his performance over the past...

FalleN the Puzzle Master: Fitting the Pieces Together

Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo is known as the godfather of Brazilian CSGO. As in-game leader of his own hand-picked lineups, FalleN has transformed teams from non-factors on the international stage to upset artists to top-tier competition and, last but not...

The Role of the In-Game Leader in CS:GO

The in-game leader position is in a very peculiar place in CS:GO. While all pro teams have in-game leaders, it's worth noting that pro play, in general, has moved away from the strict tactical approach that has dominated the...