The longest game of professional Dota 2 ever played was between Cloud9 and ScaryFaceZombiez, and lasted a whopping 200 minutes. ODPixel and Purge casted the infamous match.

Dota 2 History: The Longest Pro Game Ever

Jun 2, 2017

Cloud9 vs. ScaryFaceZombies currently holds the record as the longest game of professional Dota 2 ever played.

Of course EternalEnvy was involved in something this ridiculous.

The game clocks in at a whopping 200 minutes—that’s three hours and twenty minutes for those of you who don’t like doing math on-the-fly. The game between Cloud9 and ScaryFaceZombies lasted so long that the game started fighting back. Particles bugged out, and half the heroes looked like they were on fire.

Bone7 gave up his life a whopping 26 times on Clockwerk. There were a combined 173 kills that match. I remember watching the game live, actually. I tuned in, and even though I eventually had to get up to do adult things, I came back and they were still playing. The game set a bunch of new records for numbers of kills/deaths and last hits on various heroes.

While the game is a notable moment in Dota 2 history due to its length and both teams’ ability to turtle, the actual gameplay wasn’t that outrageous. Many matches have been closer, tenser, and overall more exciting.

(For reference, check out the Dotabuff match page for more stats and information.)

Aside from smashing records, this match is what kickstarted ODPixel’s career.

Despite the match lasting about three times as long as the average match, ODPixel and Purge managed to keep it together and keep the hype going.

This match was actually game 2 out of a best of three (Cloud 9 took games 1 and 3). After this series, ODPixel had firmly cemented himself into the popular casters club.

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What was the shortest game of Dota 2?

This achievement is a little less clear. Short games are almost universally disliked by fans, so they’re far less talked about on the internet.

This game between EHOME and Moscow 5 with a 5:49 GG call is a contender:

While some Dota games are worth watching more than once, the vast majority aren’t deserving of repeat viewings unless, of course, you’re studying the demo from a player’s perspective to learn how to play a certain hero. The longest game of Dota 2 ever played is certainly worth a watch–although you are committing yourself to watching something that’s longer than any of the Lord of the Rings movies. It’s a study in how to drag out games for as long as possible, and an entertaining reminder that it’s never really over until the Ancient falls.

Plus, flaming heroes, that’s always fun.

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