Sylvanas has a leading role in one of the most memorable Hearthstone fails.

The Biggest Hearthstone Fails Ever: Part One

Watching high-level Hearthstone is great. But sometimes we just want to see our favorite players crash and burn like the rest of us. With that in mind, here are some of the most memorable fails from professional Hearthstone players...
Check out our roundup of the best plays from the Group Stage of Worlds 2017.

Worlds 2017: The Six Best Plays of the Group Stage

What makes a good play? Is it mechanically remarkable? Strategically innovative? Maybe the best plays are the most exciting plays. Or in a case like Worlds, where teams ebb and flow and the metagame narrows as the tournament runs...
Epic Plays in Dota

The Top 5 Greatest Plays in Dota – Pro Edition

OK, we had some MDL action to tide us over between Majors, but it's still not enough. Feeling depressed over no tournament to watch? Relive some of these epic moments and the greatest plays in Dota. Also if you've just...
CSGO Cheating Clips

Potential Professional CS:GO Cheating Clips

Thorin's and Semphis' recent videos on the possibilities of LAN cheating rekindled a topic that most CS:GO players take very seriously. I've always found it interesting how community figures are too careful to mention specific clips. Although they're willing to state that cheating should be addressed,...

Top Overwatch Fails

We're all familiar with dying in unfortunate situations. Sometimes it's the result of an overzealous play. Other times you can't explain it. Check out this list of fails. Watch them here before they happen to you! Take these tips to heart as...
Seriously, every single fragmovie ever has this clip in it.

The Best CS:GO Frag Movies You’ve Never Seen

Today is the first day of the largest tournament in Counter-Strike history: MLG Columbus 2016. The first Major with a $1 million dollar prize pool will, without a doubt, produce no shortage of highlight clips and incredible plays. Later, once...

Top 5 Dota 2 Pro Plays – June 2015

Communication is important, as these professionals show, and it all pays off when you're able to make plays like these.