Dota's Rising Stars

Dota’s Rising Stars: Breakout Players, 2015-2016 Season

2015-2016 Breakout Players The Post TI5 reshuffle brought a bunch of new teams and players to the main stage in Dota. Newer organizations (OG, Digital Chaos) and older (Team Liquid) fielded Dota squads comprised of veteran and greenhorn players. A...
Dota 2 Roster Changes

Deconstructing New Dota 2 Rosters – September Edition

So, TI has come and gone and the great shuffle has begun. Several teams have announced their new rosters already and a handful of free agents are on the loose. Let's take a look at a few new Dota 2...
Attending TI6

Attending TI6 from outside Key Arena: Al Fresco Style

After two years of waiting, I finally had a shot at attending TI6 in person. It's definitely a perk of taking a job in the state of Washington. Unfortunately, the day tickets were released I was boating around the...

Digital Chaos: North America’s New Hope

I wanted to give this article a corny name like "Digital Chaos: The Little Team that Could" but honestly DC doesn't deserve to be pandered to. DC features Team Empire veteran Resolut1on at position 1, w33, formerly of Secret,...

Cloud9 Dota 2 Disbands (Again), 1437 Moves to Digital Chaos

On November 27th a website post by C9 manager Danan Flander confirmed the rumors - Cloud9 Dota 2 has disbanded for the second time in 2015. After C9 was knocked out during the Frankfurt Major, they dismissed Ritsu from...