Top 5 Top-Laners in League of Legends – Patch 5.13

5. Riven Riven is a very mobile top-laner that has a high snowball potential. She has low cooldowns, and is a very strong duelist. Riven can flash onto carries to eliminate them from teamfights and can easily carry a team....

Top 5 mid-Laners in League of Legends – Patch 5.14

5. Orianna Orianna is a great champion to learn how to play. She is very hard but can be mastered after a lot of practice. Orianna has strong late game and good zoning potential. She is very strong in teamfights...

Top 5 Supports in League of Legends – Patch 5.13

5. Blitzcrank Coming in at number five is Blitzcrank. Blitzcrank has always been one of the better supports, other than his pull which can guarantee 2v2s or change a team fight, he has other useful abilities that make him such...

Top 5 Junglers in League of Legends – Patch 5.13

5. Lee Sin Lee Sin is one of the most mobile champions in the game, making him great for setting up plays, and, getting around for ganks. Lee Sin has a strong early game, he can put out a lot...

Patch 5.14 Notes – Stay Updated!

Stay updated on the latest updates, Patch 5.14 sounds like it has many new tweaks!

Who Is Ruling NA?

It is very clear Team Liquid is making a comeback from their all time low near the beginning of the season. They have defeated every team in the NA LCS and are currently sitting in first place after finishing...

Lustboy – A Closer Look at Bard

Lustboy takes a look at Bard and tells us how he should be played and used in team fights.

Patch 5.14, the HUD Update.

So the new update is on it's way, and one of the most exciting things is the new HUD that Riot has been fixing and tweaking for the past little while on the PBE servers. Other than the new...

Tahm Kench, for the Worst?

So as many of you know, there has been a recent addition to the game along with the release of Butcher's Bridge. And no I'm not talking about the Gangplank rework or the skins that came along with him...

How to Pick Your Champion

Learn how to make your champion pick contribute to the team and help you win more games.

Meteos Decides It’s Time for a Break

Meteos has recently stated that he is taking a break from the professional scene for the time being. But with the summer split still in motion, what could this mean for Cloud 9? Well, it's pretty simple. Cloud 9 is...

Can We Start to Expect More from Team 8?

Team 8 is beginning to have a large impact on the league with a strong top, mid, and jungle lane. Even their bot lane is proving to be strong. But what made Saturday's game look so easy to them? Was...