Who Is Ruling NA?

Jul 29, 2015

It is very clear Team Liquid is making a comeback from their all time low near the beginning of the season. They have defeated every team in the NA LCS and are currently sitting in first place after finishing the summer split. But first place didn’t come easy for them, Team Liquid has had to earn their way to the top. In fact, Team Liquid has always been in the middle, or on the bottom. Where did their sudden surge of skills came from? No one really knows. If you take a closer look at the team, you learn where they are strong, and where some of their weaker spots are.

Their bot lane has been amazing this split and is the main reason for their ability to contest victories against other top teams like CLG, Cloud 9, TSM, and TiP. Now this doesn’t mean they are the best team ever because lets be real. The so called “top” teams, CLG, C9, and TSM, have been doing horrible.

Cloud 9 has just had too many changes with their roster and are just now starting to re-adjust. TSM has just been straight up doing bad, most likely because of their ego and the fact that they think they can win every game without taking the same amount of time to review and practice for all teams. And last but not least, CLG. CLG have been consistent with their rankings in NA, but when Team Liquid began to rise there was no stopping them. No matter who Team Liquid played they always figured out a way to win.

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It is fair to say that Piglet is the top AD Carry in the NA LCS right now. He does carry the team. But one player does not just simply take down every top team in the league. There is something Team Liquid is doing which is making them very strong, and hard to defeat… Yes everybody, Teamwork! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like Team Liquid is the only team in the league that uses teamwork. But what makes Team Liquid so much better, is how well they communicate and how good their shot calling is.

For a team that houses players from around the world, you’d think they’d have trouble communicating. The team is made up of players from three different countries. Korea, U.S, and Venezuela. This team is truly amazing. For god’s sake, Quas taught himself English. They have bonded so much over the last few splits, and their ability to work as a strong team is starting to show through. They are becoming a threat to other top teams and their shots at worlds. Team Liquid has the ability to dominate, and that is exactly what they are doing.

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