Team Liquid Headquarters
The interactive TL headquarters site:

    Team Liquid Unveils L.A. Custom Headquarters

    Aug 17, 2017
    The interactive TL headquarters site:

    Team Liquid has released plans on its interactive site for a new workspace in Santa Monica. Rather than following the traditional gaming house model, Team Liquid has opted for a private office separate from the players’ living space, with dedicated areas for its two League of Legends teams, Counter Strike: Global Offensive team, support staff, production staff from 1UP Studios, and general workspace for video review and conferencing.

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    Co-CEO Steve Arhancet released this statement about the upcoming plans for the facility:

    “We’re leveling up the traditional model of the gaming house. The new Team Liquid Headquarters in Los Angeles will be a customized player training facility and office work space representing the next evolution of infrastructure for esports – a benefit for all of our ten teams. Our new HQ makes a statement about the culture of our organization and the influence of our ownership group, aXiomatic. Player well-being is essential and the new space will not only be an effective work environment, but promote a healthier lifestyle and cross-pollination among teams.”

    Tespa's bold plans for college esports during the 2017 - 2018 academic year include a partnership with Blizzard and unique in-game rewards for Tespa members.PAX East 2017 - Giant T-Rex from PAX East 2016
    Feb 27, 2017
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