NA LCS Week 2 Day 2: Fight for the Top

Jan 25, 2016

NA LCS Fight got the Top

With NA LCS looking so close, there would be only one to take the lead this week. NRG vs IMT took to the Rift to battle for the top spot. We got a glimpse of how powerful the TSM line up can be. C9 battles diversity between pure skill or shot calling from a strong leader.

Lets jump right into NRG vs IMT. A lot of hype for this game as in the top lane. Two Korean power house faced off Impact(NRG) vs Huni(IMT). This match up left a lot to be desired. With Impact on Maokai and Huni on Lissandra plus a lane swap we will have to wait to really see who the best top laner is. NRG took small lead as they were able to use their poke comp to bring down IMT’s towers and avoid team fights. NRG was in it for the long game unless IMT had anything to say about it and of course they did. Huni on Lissandra was able to flank as NRG was pushing top lane. He flashed to get into the middle of NRG, locking up 3 members. This allowed Zed to jump in and clean up. The rest of the game was all IMT till they took down the nexus for the fourth time. Making them top dog in the NA LCS for now!

So far TSM has fallen first in every match, until today. Hauntzer breaks the curse with a little help from Bjergsen with a roam top to pick off DIG’s BillyBoss. The game went slower for TSM as a little mis-coordination with Yellowstar starting a fight bottom lane and teleport coming in a little after. The fight resulted in a one for one trade. Bjergsen had control of his mid lane which allowed him to roam to back up his team with fights. TSM out rotated DIG and continued to push there advantages. To end the game they started a push bottom and forced DIG to defend while their nexus towers went down to super minions. TSM made a final push to blow up the nexus.

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C9 has faced very little roster changes since joining the NA LCS. This split has had their biggest roster change with Hai and Bunny FuFuu sharing the support role. On one hand they have a super skilled support player in Bunny FuFuu and on the other they have the C9 leader and shot caller. Today Hai stepped in to show why he is such a good shot caller. Jensen made a huge play on his Viktor as he flashed, E’d,  R’d, dead. That picked Jensen up a double kill. Meanwhile Sneaky and Hai tower dove Stixxay. CLG knew Jensen would continue to be a problem if they didn’t do anything about it. Xmithie came in for a gank but Jensen was far too much to handle. He got chucked out and ran for his life. Out of no where Rush shot his Collateral Damage to finish the job. Hai found a big pick on Darshan which lead to a two for four plus a nexus tower trade. C9 showed they were too much for CLG to handle this game.

There are a things to keep an eye out for as the Spring Split continues. What everyone thought TSM would be really showed up today. Will that keep happening and make a run for the top spot in NA LCS. C9 shows they need a skilled, leader for their support. They already have both but can they put both of them together? As we have seen the Immortals do bleed with now every member including Adrian having at least one death. Can anyone blow up the Immortals’ nexus, Could Huni and Reignover have another perfect split? I don’t know about you, but I’m hopping on the bandwagon.

Jan 24, 2016
Jan 24, 2016
Jan 24, 2016
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