The bugs in Dota 7.01 aren't fun for anyone.
"I need no introduction." -- Monkey King, 2016

Bugs in Dota 7.01: Everyone’s a Beta Tester

Dec 29, 2016
"I need no introduction." -- Monkey King, 2016

Valve waited just long enough after Reborn to give us another buggy Dota release. It was a choice between the better of two evils for Valve: release Monkey King and 7.00 on time, as promised, and end up with tons of bizarre gamebreaking bugs. Or release it late and suffer endless nerdrage. Neither option is particularly appealing, but at least getting the Monkey King update out on time lets the development team discover (and start to fix) issues much faster.

I understand the community frustration. Whenever a major update comes out, everyone gets to play Beta Tester for a few days weeks.

What are some of the more notable Dota 7.01 bugs?

GAMEBREAKING BUG: If you click on ally hero showcase while dead, you buyback from DotA2

I hope you weren’t saving that. 

Dota 2 hero Io
Via Gamepedia

Don’t play Io for a while (not that you did anyway).

In fact, there were enough bugs related to Io that a Reddit user felt compelled to assemble a spreadsheet that meticulously outlines each and every one of them.

Bugged Heroes

Tempest Double can feed Moonshard to the main Warden (free Moonshard Bug2) from DotA2

Phantom Lancer and Rubick aren’t fully functional either.

Equipping the Diffusal Lance cosmetic on PL makes it possible for enemies to identify the real Phantom Lancer from his illusions, and Rubick’s spell stealing plenty of bugs of its own.

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Lastly, two item bugs:

Still cannot sell DC’d players items! from DotA2

Little womp…

Incredibly Game Breaking Courier/Item Bug from DotA2

Bigger womp. 

I’d suggest taking note of these bugs if you’re trying to play Ranked. If you encounter a bug, report it to the right places if you want something to be done about it. You can use Reddit if you want to, but unless you’re gambling on your post hitting the front page, you’re better off describing the issue in detail on the Dota developer forums.

Sniper is a terrifying opponent in mid.Roshan in Santa hat and with tree
Dec 24, 2016
Welcome to 7.00, it's a roamer's paradise.
Dec 23, 2016
Team NP Jersey with sponsorship logos.
Dec 21, 2016
Are we HotS now? Talent trees are definitely different.
Dec 17, 2016
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