During the interim of seasons Riot Games Inc. reworked and added some new features to League of Legends. A handful of Marksman champions reworks were done to make these champions more viable within the game. Here are the champions and their reworks so far.

CaitlynCaitlyn remained a powerhouse in bottom lane for much of season five but with some of her reworks in season six she might prove to even more of a threat.
Passive– Headshot now scales with critical strike chance and has double the range when a target is netted or trapped. The trap and net must be from Caitlyn’s own Yordle Snap Trap or the 90 Caliber Net.
Q- Piltover Peacemaker fires a narrower piercing shot. After hitting a target it widens dealing reduced damage to the targets that follow.
W- Yordle Snap Trap no longer deals damage over time. However Caitlyn can store these traps and lay them down faster providing cover for escape or a choke point for the enemy team. Snap Trap will still reveal and immobilize the target.
E- 90 Caliber Net functions remains the same except if you hit an enemy with your net it will enable you to use your passive. Firing off a shot to help you flee from enemies.
R- There is no mechanical change to Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole.

CorkiCorki remains one of the most magical champions in the game. His skill set has been modified to reflect that. His basic attacks will now deal half magic damage as well as half physical damage. In addition to his basic attack changes when Corki hits level six his “pit crew” drops off a crate by the nexus. This crate contains a movement speed boost equivalent to home guards and provides Corki with a buff to Valkyrie. That buff to Valkyrie bassically gives Corki carpet bombs.
Passive- Hextech Shrapnel Shells, Corki’s basic attacks deal bonus damage. Half of which is dealt as magic damage.
Q- Phosphorous Bombs still deals damage to and reveal all enemies hit.
W- Valkyrie dashes Corkie to a targeted location, dropping bombs that leave blazing patches on the ground. Enemy Champions who stand in the fire take magic damage. This will get the buff from Corki’s “pit crew” and become more powerful.
E- Gatling Gun still sprays bullets in a con in front of him shredding his target’s magic resistance and armor every half-second they stand in the way of his fire.
R- Missile Barrage passively stores charges up to a maximum of seven. Actively, Corki fires a missile in a line that explodes if it hits an enemy. Every third missile fired becomes a Big One, dealing additional damage and doubling its radius.

GravesGraves biggest change is the change to his basic attacks. Buckshot incorporates an ammo system with Graves reloading his shotgun. Those shots can be blocked but if the shots land they reduce the cooldown of Quickdraw. Buckshot now fires in a cone and knocks back minions on hit.
Passive- Destiny makes graves fire in a cone for his basic attacks, double the amount of bullets for a critical strike, dealing base damage for the first bullet hit and bonus damage for each additional bullet. Destiny works off the ammo system and Graves has to reload after two attacks.
Q- End of the Line now fires in a “T” shape in front of graves. After he fires the canister from his shotgun it deals damage in a straight line. Leaving behind it a trail of gunpowder. After a couple of seconds the canister detonates dealing additional damage to those still in the trail of gunpowder. If End of the Line is cast into a wall it will detonate immediately.
W- Smoke Screen is left unchanged.
E- Quick Draw still dashes Graves. The dash now reloads a bullet for Graves and adds bonus armor and magic resistance. This can stack and basic attacks reduces the cooldown of Quick Draw.
R- Collateral Damage is mostly without change. The only difference being that Graves is now knocked back slightly when cast.


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Kog’Maw, holy attack speed Riot. Kog’Maw can now disregard any cap of attack speed set by riot, so long as Bio-Arcane Barrage is active. The trade off is that he can not move once he has cast this skill. If he does it will cancel itself out.
Passive- Icathian Surprise has not been changed.
Q- Caustic Spittle now has an active skill shot component to it. By hitting a champion with Caustic Spittle, Kog’Maw will deal initial damage and reduce the target’s armor and magic resistance for a few seconds. Passively, it will increase his attack speed.
W- Upon activation, Bio-Arcane Barrage gives bonus attack range and double the attack speed from all sources. Kog’Maw’s basic attacks will shred the target for a percent of their maximum health. While active damage from Kog’Maw’s basic attacks is halved.
E- Void Ooze remains unchanged.
R- Living Artillery also remains unchanged.

MissFortuneMiss Fortune’s new change to her passive make her more of a damage dealer to new targets. Her original passive, Strut, moved to her ‘W’.
Passive- Love Tap now deals more damage to new targets. For example if Miss Fortune attacks a minion last then switches to an enemy champion the champion will be marked with love tap and Miss Fortune’s basic attack will cause additional damage.
Q- Double Up fires a shot through an enemy to hit another enemy behind them. Dealing more damage to the second target. If the first target is killed the second will take bonus damage. Love Tap can apply to the new targets that are hit from Double Up.
W- Strut has a passive and active component. Passively Miss Fortune will gain bonus move speed after a few seconds of not taking direct damage. Actively, she will gain bonus attack speak in addition to the full movement speed bonus of Strut’s passive. Proccing Love Tap will prolong the attack speed bonus from Strut.
E- Make it Rain remains unchanged.
R- Bullet Time largely remains unchanged except that each level up of Bullet Time increases the amount of bullets fired. The bullets from this can also critically strike for bonus damage.

QuinnLast of the reworked champions, Quinn, the bird lady with incredible move speed.
Passive- Harrier largely remains unchanged except the cooldown now scales with critical strike chance.
Q- Blinding Assault got a name change to Aerial Assault due to the removal of its blinding ability. If Aerial Assault kills a unit the cooldown duration is halved.
W- Heightened Senses remains unchanged.
E- Vault remains unchanged.
R- Tag Team now acts as a toggled ability. Calling down Valor to increase Quinn’s movement speed. After catching a ride from Valor casting Tag Team again will activate Sky Strike in which a rain of arrows fall in close proximity to Quinn.

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