Best Flex Picks LoL
(Featured image via Riot Games.)

Top 5 Best Flex Picks in League of Legends

Jun 10, 2016
(Featured image via Riot Games.)

Being deceptive in champ select can make it difficult for the opposing team to counter pick you and your teammates. Being capable of playing a variety of flex picks allows you earn a small edge for your team by denying counter picks and masking your true team composition.

Making a flex pick means selecting a champion who is known to be able to fill multiple roles on your team. If the enemy team first picks Ekko, you can’t be sure whether or not you’re up against a mid-lane Ekko, or a top-lane Ekko, because both are viable in the current meta.

The amount of viable flex picks is constantly shifting in accordance with the meta. In the current meta there are many strong flex pick options, and even more obscure flexes to be made. However, in order to be a true flex pick, the opposing team must believe your selected champion is equally as likely to play two different roles.

It may be hard to trick the enemy team into believing you are willing to take Cassiopeia into the top lane if nobody else is doing that at your ELO. It’s not a flex pick if the enemy team doesn’t perceive it as one. You can try helping your bluff by hovering other top lane champions before selecting the shifting snake, but that’s not a very reliable method of trickery.

The Best Flex Picks in League of Legends

1. Ekko

Flex: Top/Mid

Tank Ekko flex picks
Ekko has survived a number of nerfs and still remains a strong flex pick option. Photo via Riot Games.

After surfacing as a very powerful, tanky top lane pick, Ekko was tuned to feature stronger AP ratios. Ekko remains a strong champion despite the recent attention from Riot’s balance team in both the top lane, and the mid lane.

2. Ryze

Flex: Top/Mid

Ryze Flex Picks LoL
Ryze is a major threat to anybody not stacking a large amount of magic resists. This late game scaler is viable in both the top and mid lanes. Photo via Riot Games.

Ryze never strays away from the meta for too long. This time around, the APM-heavy spell caster is being flexed in both the top lane, and the mid lane, and still blowing people up once he gets his passive charged up.

3. Fizz

Flex: Mid/Top

Fizz Flex Picks LoL
Fizz can be one of the most annoying champions in the game to play against. This champion still does notable damage even when building mostly tank items. Photo via Riot Games.

The Tidal Trickster didn’t wait too long to gain popularity in the top lane after resurfacing as a viable mid lane champion in the current meta. Many pros are trying out the new Trinity Force on top lane Fizz before finishing the build with tank items.

4. Vladimir

Flex: Top/Mid

Vladimir Flex Picks LoL
You better be able to all-in Vladimir, because otherwise he’s just going to sustain his way back up to 100%. Photo via Riot Games.

The reworked Vladimir has proven to be a powerful pick in the competitive scene and dynamic queue players have quickly picked up on that. Vlad is able to sustain ridiculous amounts throughout the late game. Play him mid lane with Ghost, or top lane against champions with little all-in threat.

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5. Swain

Flex: Mid/Top

Swain Flex Picks LoL
Swain is a champion worth playing right now – if he’s not already banned. The bird man is very strong this patch, and can be played top, or mid. Photo via Riot Games.

Another benefactor of the Mage rework, Swain also brings unbelievable sustain to both the mid and the top lane. Currently the 5th most banned champion in all of League of Legends, Swain is a first pick worthy champion that neither the enemy mid/top laners will want to face off against.

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