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Oct 16, 2016


After losing Call of the Wild, Midrange Hunter’s win rate took a steep dive. People began looking for other Hunter decks to run. This list is a joint work between two high level Hearthstone players, Xzirez and C4mlann. It makes use of Cloaked Huntress and the frame of the old Face Hunter deck. Thus, the Secret Face Hunter list is born. It’s extremely aggressive, and seeks to empty its hand for fast damage. The deck excels at simply blowing people out, defeating them before they can play their core cards.

Secret Face Hunter Decklist

Secret Face Hunter Decklist

As stated, this decklist was made by Xzirez and C4mlann. It is a very solid list for what the deck seeks to accomplish. The big weak point, in my opinion, is Unleash the Hounds over Animal Companion. If you are against a lot of aggressive decks, Unleash is great. However, it is almost entirely useless against slower decks. Spend some time experimenting with the meta and see what works. I also have my doubts on Tracking sometimes, but that is personal preference.

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The playstyle here is pretty similar to all face decks. Play your cards out fast, and hope to kill them before they can react. The deck runs five one drop minions, as well as Tracking, so you’ll usually have something to play. You should mulligan fairly hard for one drops, getting the advantage is very important with this deck. The only exception is Cloaked Huntress, which you should always keep. Try to avoid playing secrets by themselves, particularly when you are holding Cloaked Huntress. If you have a Huntress in hand, and nothing but secrets, it’s better to use your hero power on turn two. Every point of damage counts.

Eaglehorn Bow can often be tricky. You don’t want it to run out of charges, so playing it when you have secrets in play is optimal. You also want to swing the turn you play it, to get in damage and avoid Harrison or Ooze plays. If you have a secret up, one charge left, and nothing you need to hit, passing is often good. Bow charges can make or break a game. That and hero powering are some of your greatest weapons.

Good Matchups

Secret Face Hunter's Greatest Weapon: Cloaked HuntressSecret Face Hunter excels at taking out midrange decks, and some control decks. It simply goes off too fast for those decks to react typically. It is particularly good against Rogue and Priest, though most things are at the moment. This deck is also good at dealing with Paladin and oftentimes Mage, barring big Flamewaker plays. It is fast enough and mixes enough board control and face damage that decks without healing have a lot of trouble.

Bad Matchups

As stated, decks with serious sustain do quite well against. This means Warrior in particular can be an effective counter to the deck, especially if they curve out well. If they start generating armour faster than you can deal damage on any particular turn, you can’t come back. Simply keep up the pressure and play aggressively to avoid this. Same goes for Reno decks, although those are quite rare. The other big problem this deck has is with Shamans. Shamans are overpowered to silly proportions.

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