Aggro Druid has returned in Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro expansion. It's fast, flexible, and fun deck that's good in most matchups.
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Midrange Druid Guide

Nov 20, 2015
Featured image via Blizzard.

Midrange Druid, often referred to as Combo Druid, is an extremely old deck. For multiple years the Druid combo has been well known, with Force of Nature + Savage Roar adding up to 14 damage by itself from an empty board. Everyone knows that the Druid combo is a force to be reckoned with and that being at less than 14 health against a Druid is one of the scariest spots to be in.

So if this deck has been around forever, why has it come back? Well, it’s been back for a while, and that’s largely due to Darnassus Aspirant. Druid was always a very all or nothing class, largely based around whether or not you got Wild Growth to ramp into the rest of the game. Because there were only two in the deck, this was extremely difficult to predict. Darnassus Aspirant basically adds another two Wild Growths, making the deck extremely consistent. Living Roots also adds some early game for Druid, in the first few turns when it is weakest.


This is a fairly standard decklist. The only thing that is particularly interesting about it is that one of the Shade of Naxxramas’ was cut in order to add an Ancient of War. This was done in order to combat the many aggressive decks that are circulating. One other card many players like to add in, often to replace one Shredder, is a Savage Combatant. I personally find the stickiness of Shredder to outweigh the Combatant’s board pressure, but it’s a personal choice. You can also choose to cycle in a Big Game Hunter if you are playing against a lot of control decks.

This deck is fairly easy to pilot. It is largely based around board control and chipping away at your opponent’s life total, then bursting them down for massive amounts. The goal is to keep fairly decent board pressure and then begin to threaten lethal when you get close to turn 9. Your opponent will know about the Force of Nature + Savage Roar combo, so they will be forced to play inefficiently and clear everything you play. This is where cards like Shade of Naxxramas and Piloted Shredder come in, as they are extremely difficult to clear. You also have lots of cards with high life totals, and many with taunt, so clearing the Druid’s entire board can sometimes be very difficult, allowing you to play the combo for practically your opponent’s entire life total. (Last week a Druid managed to keep a 4 attack and a 5 attack minion on the board against me. He then used the combo for 27 damage in a single turn).

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Secret Paladin
This deck is decent against Secret Paladin. If you are able to get a Swipe off on a board of 1 health minions, it is extremely powerful. The real issue is that you don’t have much to combat the turn 6-8 Mysterious Challenger, Dr. Boom, Tirion. If he gets all three of these, you simply don’t have much of an answer. However, barring a perfect curve, you can often out-damage him and finish him off with a large combo swing. Remember that you can easily pop Noble Sacrifice with your hero power.

This matchup can be difficult. Early cards such as Darnassus Aspirant and Living Roots are extremely important, as well as swipe, particularly if it is Face Hunter. This matchup is more about staying alive than bursting your opponent down. Keep in mind that since the Hunter will often just go face, you can often build up a board without even meaning to, for a large combo play. If it is a Midrange Hunter, remember that Force of Nature can easily pop a Freezing Trap with a single one of its three 2/2s.

This is a good matchup. The warrior doesn’t have a lot of efficient removals for things such as Shade of Naxxramus or Piloted Shredder, and you can easily build a board for a combo play. Remember not to play into a large Brawl and you should be fine.

This matchup is largely dependent on who draws better if it’s Tempo Mage. You have excellent tools to pop his Mirror Entities, if you use a Darnassus Aspirant then they actually lose a mana crystal when it dies, without gaining one. Keeper of the Grove is also an excellent way to pop it, since the body isn’t particularly intimidating. Freeze Mage is tougher. You either want to burst them down fast, or play for the long game and use your Ancient of Lores to heal you, as well as armour up with your hero power every turn. If you are facing a lot of Mages (or Hunters), feel free to tech in a Kezan Mystic.

Very board control dependent. Whoever establishes control of the board will often win. Don’t play into a big Lightbomb, but keep counting your combo damage. Since you don’t have removal for things like Ysera, your play will be bursting them down without letting them build enough presence from their large creatures. This matchup is definitely in your favor.

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