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Lustboy takes a look at Bard and tells us how he should be played and used in team fights.
Welcome to League of Legends, Cinematic Trailer, was made in 2010. This trailer introduced new people and players to the game in one of...

A Twist of Fate

A Twist of Fate Cinematic Trailer was released in 2013. In this trailer, players got a look at the first Baron animation.
This cinematic trailer was never officially released by Riot, but it was leaked in 2012 and has made it's way onto the internet for...

Patch Rundown 5.16

Check out what's coming up in the next patch!

DRIVE: The Bunny FuFuu Story

Follow Bunny FuFuu and learn how he almost didn't make it into professional play.
Follow the lives of professional gamers to see how they live their lives. Learn about the things they had to go through to get...
Blizzard's Game Director Jeff Kaplan discusses some of the key areas they're working on, including hisĀ current thoughts on the future of ranked play in...
Overwatches's latest short animation gives fans an insight into the mysterious origins of everyone's favorite female assassin: Widowmaker. Set on the murky map of...

Cloud 9 – House Tour

Check out this house tour video and learn about the Cloud 9 household.

Team Liquid – House Tour

Check out the Team Liquid household and get an inside peek on how some of the professionals live.