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Esports Olympics: Missteps with Smash Legends

Recently, the eGames Rio Showcase began sending out its invites for players who they feel have earned the right to attend. eGames is looking to be the Olympics of esports. These players were considered because of their sheer grit,...
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SSBM: Would Leffen Have Changed Evo’s Results?

Evo 2016 has come and gone. Millions in the fighting game community from around the world got to see top level competition in nine different games. Huge leaps forward were also made for fighting games in the world of...

Leffen, the God Slayer Still Throneless

Confident, driven, precise, skilled, marketable, polarizing; William “Leffen” Hjelte has all the hallmarks of a superstar player any organization would kill to have on their roster. His sometimes brutal honesty during interviews has gained him a lot of enemies...