Juggling in Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Season 1 DLC Is a Bust

Capcom released Street Fighter V in a condition which they were happy with. The general public disagreed. The original game, upon release, was pretty underwhelming. Frankly, it felt unfinished. The SFV Season 1 DLC was Capcom’s response to their...
Urien street fighter V screen shot

Urien Comes to Take Care of Business

It’s that time again. Time for Capcom to update Street Fighter V and release a new playable character. This time we get to see Urien, the vice president of Illuminati. The end is near Capcom announced on Wednesday that their 6th...
infiltration wins evo

Infiltration Monopolizing Capcom Cup Slots

Capcom Cup slots are at a premium this year. Many fans of the game, including myself, consider 2016 the year of Street Fighter. A simple rule change made by Capcom for this year’s Capcom Pro Tour, meant to make...
Evo logo

Capcom Panel at Evo 2016

As Evo approaches, more and more interesting developments are taking place. Evo is both the largest, and longest running major fighting game tournament in the world. If a game is primed for innovation or if records are to be...
Tokido wins CEO

SFV: Tokido Punches Ticket to Capcom Cup

The Street Fighter V tournament is arguably the main event of Community Effort Orlando and 2016’s iteration lived up to the hype. Now in its sixth year as an event, CEO brings together the best fighting game talents from...