Danish Giants Astralis and Dignitas Rule CS:GO

For most of this year, Astralis was a major disappointment. With so much talent and potential, it was a letdown to see the team constantly fail during quarters and semifinals. Late in the year Dignitas came on strong and...

Watch the Throne: Tournament Winners Take Turns

Earlier this year, an important statistic came to light about the state of top tier CS:GO. Starting with ECS Season 1, there had been seven straight premier tournaments, each with a different winner. While Ninjas in Pyjamas broke that streak...

Fight Night Returns to CS:GO with Fnatic v. Astralis Matchup

Last time Aftonbladet Esports hosted Fight Night, I stood in front of my computer and yelled "FIGHT NIGHT!" at the top of my lungs. It was the only reasonable course of action--you don't call your event "Fight Night" unless you want...

LAN Rumble: Who Will Win the Global eSports Cup?

The first two days of competition at the Game Show Global eSports Cup (GEC) have finished in Vilnius, Lithuania. Although the $200,000 LAN event has experienced long delays, subpar stream quality, and absent production value, all scheduled games have...