Hearthstone Year of the Dragon

Hearthstone — Year of the Dragon

Year of the Dragon Brought New Updates Professional players and streamers constantly criticize developers for a lack of updates. However, some casual players who barely have time to accumulate gold for the next expansion...
Hearthstone's Arena mode has gotten a bit of a rework with the latest expansion, and players aren't exactly thrilled.

Hearthstone: Arena Issues After New Expansion Release

The new Hearthstone expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, has added a ton of new cards, and shaken up competitive play immensely. Normally, new cards change Arena play quite a bit as well, but with this expansion, things are...
Hearthstone Paladin - Arena Changes February 2017

Hearthstone: Massive Arena Changes in the Works

  I've talked about Hearthstone's arena changes briefly before after Blizzard hinted that they were coming, and we’ve discussed that they planned to change the frequency of cards. However, now, there are a ton of things to discuss, and it’s...
Hearthstone Arena Curvestone.

Hearthstone: Arena ‘Curvestone’ Issues

For those unfamiliar with ‘curvestone,' it's a way to describe playing on curve in Hearthstone. Some decks are built to play on curve, while others are more adaptable--unfortunately, due to the current state of the game, playing on curve...
Hearthstone Arena Leaderboards

Hearthstone Arena Leaderboards Launch

Back in mid-January of 2017, Hearthstone's developers announced they would be adding an Arena Leaderboard towards the end of the month. Well, as of now, the leaderboard has been released! Unfortunately, it's not in-client, but Blizzard have launched it on...