Samsung Galaxy versus H2K at the 2016 World Championship - Semifinals at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, USA on 22 October 2016.

FORG1VEN Announces Free Agency

Nov 8, 2016
Samsung Galaxy versus H2K at the 2016 World Championship - Semifinals at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York, USA on 22 October 2016.

Recent news of Doublelift deciding to temporarily step down from his role as AD carry for TSM has led to mountains of speculation as to who will take his place. Shortly after Doublelift’s hiatus was made public, it was announced that European ADC Forg1ven would be testing the free agent market as his contract with H2K expired.

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Forg1ven recently posted this to his Facebook page:

Small update regarding my plans:

As of some days ago, my contract with H2K has expired. So, this means that i am free to negotiate my luck into any team/organisation that would like to explore the possibility of me joining me them for the 2017 Spring Split.

Regions that i would like to compete: Literally everywhere, for example Taiwan, Oceania, North America, China, Other Wildcard Region and so on. At least 2 out of 4 players must be able to communicate/speak english with a proper coaching infrastructure that has competitive experience. Preferably LCS, Challenger League possible but less of a priority.

I am still motivated to continue competing since its the only literally aspect of the game that i purely enjoy and gets me going. I would prefer to not stay in Europe since its a very stagnant region from many aspects except if random offer comes in which i cant foresee at the moment. So, i just want to explore a new region, which means a new refreshing challenge.

I am thankful to H2K for giving me the opportunity to compete in my first World Championship and my door will always be open for them. In case they keep a strong roster for Season 7 and i have an offer from them, everything is possible.

However, in case there is no complete project, i will continue my life in my country since i am not depending on whether or not i play professionally.


Open to all offers, varying regions, varying leagues (LCS, CS). Email to reach out for business inquiries is

I want to keep winning.

TSM certainly has to be a front runner for the Greek ADC who has an undeniable drive to win. The only obvious question mark when it comes to Forg1ven is how he will affect the team atmosphere. If you were to put a player with questionable team behaviors on any team in the league, wouldn’t TSM be the team? With sports psychology trainer Weldon¬†leading the charge, and the rest of the team fully buying into his system, perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for Forg1ven to succeed.

Forg1ven does mention he is willing to play “literally anywhere”, citing his requirements are that at least half of the team must speak English, and the coaching infrastructure must meet his approval. This creates some interesting possibilities. Could Forg1ven really be the first Western player to play in an Asian league like the LCK or LPL? It’s an option, but an unlikely one at that.

Staying in Europe may be the least exciting option for the mechanically gifted AD carry. There simply isn’t much talent in the AD carry role outside of Zven. North America isn’t much better, but the superior coaching infrastructure could serve Forg1ven well. One thing is for sure; if there are any reported teammate or coaching issues this time around, it will probably be the last time we see anybody take a chance on him.

Where will FORG1VEN end up this time?

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