All-Stars Los Angeles: Everything You Missed in 10 Minutes

Dec 15, 2015

This years League of Legends All-Star event concluded Sunday night in Los Angeles, California. The four-day long tournament featured ongoing competition between Team Fire (NA, LCK, and LMS) and Team Ice (EU, LPL, and IWC) with three things at stake; pride, a special Diana skin, and an IP boost.

Day 1

EU Vs. NA: The event kicked off with the Europeans taking on the North Americans. This was the Huni show. Once Huni’s Jax established a lead by roaming to the mid lane, there was nothing Dyrus’ Singed could do to stop him. Bjergsen looked good on Syndra, and the team of North Americans managed to use their superior vision to pick off the Europeans straying from the pack, but in the end Huni’s split pushing was too much.

100 points awarded to Team Ice.

Pick 10: Next up was Pick 10. Fans decide which champions are played for each team, players decide where to take each champion. The fans might have determined the fate of this one. Team Fire’s LCK team was given a roster of five melee champions while Team Ice’s LPL team enjoyed a highly mobile and crowd control heavy team composition. Here’s how the team comps turned out:

Pick 10
Five melee champs against two ADCs, Azir, and Anivia… gl hf!

That’s a bottom lane duo of Allistar and Braum up against Ashe, a champion with one of the longest ranges in the entire game. Only Marin seemed to perform for the clunky LCK squad in this game. Faker did not seem to be enjoying his time on Lee Sin mid. He would finish 0/3/1 as LCK dropped the game; 23-9, with a 10k gold lead favoring LPL.

50 points awarded to Team Ice.

LPL Vs. LMS: Clearlove (Rengar) and Rookie (Kassadin) were making plays all over the map throughout this 29 minute game. Westdoor (Ahri) was the only shining light for the LMS All-Star team. LPL takes it, 23-8 with a 10k gold lead.

100 points awarded to Team Ice.

LCK Vs. IWC: This game started much differently than you would think a game between a wildcard region and the LCK would go. Kira (Lulu) surprised everybody by trading lives with Faker (LeBlanc) at Level 4, and then even getting a cheeky solo-kill on him by using Help, Pix! on a minion before hitting a max-range Glitterlance. Score really showed how strong Dr. Mundo is this patch.

14:30 into this game LCK was ahead by just under 3,000 gold. 3 kills bottom lane, 5 kills top, and 2 turret kills happened in the span of 4 minutes, ballooning their advantage to 10,000 gold. This match would end 24-4 and mark the end of Day 1 at All Stars 2015 Los Angeles.

100 points awarded to Team Fire.

1v1s on Day 1: The 1v1 tournament started with a total of 14 duels on the opening day of the tournament. This resulted in over 2 hours and 30 minutes of straight 1v1 content. Here’s how they turned out:

  • Marin (Lissandra) Vs. ClearLove (Brand)
  • Dyrus (Malzahar) Vs. Kira (Caitlyn)
  • Smurf (Miss Fortune) Vs. Bjergsen (Draven)
  • Huni (Ezreal) Vs. PraY (Kalista)
  • Dimonko (Lucian) Vs. MadLife (Lucian)
  • Meteos (Urgot) Vs. RooKie (Kalista)
  • Westdoor (LeBlanc) Vs. LeX (Kindred)
  • Ziv (Quinn) Vs. KaSing (Lucian)
  • Pyl (Miss Fortune) Vs. Doublelift (Lucian)
  • Score (Lucian) Vs. Rekkles (Kennen)
  • Bebe (Tristana) Vs. Koro1 (Urgot)
  • Faker (Anivia) Vs. Froggen (Anivia)
  • Amazing (Volibear) Vs. Aphromoo (Draven)
  • Olleh (Morgana) Vs. Dimajke (Lucian)

Worth Watching: Faker Vs. Froggen

Day 2

IWC Vs. NA: IWC appeared to be a little nervous for the first game of day 2. Dimonko (Thresh) had a chance to get a double kill in the bottom lane after successfully killing Doublelift, but whiffed the hook. Soon after that Dimajke (Elise) flashed the Raptors wall to try and rescue Kira (Anivia) who was in egg form (just out of turret range) after being ganked by Meteos. Meteos and Bjergsen finished off the egg, then turned on the spider, who decided to attack a minion directly in front of the Mid-Jungle duo. Very questionable.

Dimajke would recover by ganking bottom lane and coming up with another kill on Doublelift, but LeX would miss a kill opportunity by throwing a Kalista arrow wide of a nearly dead Aphromoo. It wasn’t all bad for IWC thanks to this beautiful outplay Kira made on Doublelift:

Meteos and Bjergsen would continue to show synergy and push the 9k gold lead to carry the game.

100 points awarded to Team Fire.

Marksman Mode: Blind pick, marksman only, no defensive items allowed. PraY (Quinn), Lex (Corki), BeBe (Lucian) and Uzi (Kalista) were standouts in this gametype. For a while Team Ice was able to establish momentum by chaining together ultimates by Ashe (Dimonko) and Ezreal (Rekkles), and Uzi had multiple mechanical outplays hopping around on Kalista early in the game, but it wasn’t enough.

50 Points awarded to Team Fire.

EU Vs. LMS: This game was basically an Amazing (Lee Sin) montage. Very high level Lee Sin mechanics were on display throughout this game. Amazing straight up solo carried the game. He finished 9/1/5 as the Europeans put some points on the board for Team Ice.

100 points awarded to Team Ice.

LPL Vs. LCK: Finally! MadLife on Thresh! This would be the first and only time throughout the tournament MadLife would be allowed to play his signature champion. He didn’t waste any time – first blood went to PraY in a classic bottom lane 2v2 after following up on a Death Sentence. A few minutes later another hook would result in a double kill for PraY. Faker was the least impactful LCK player in this game. Marin and the bottom lane duo drove the bus to a 21-10 victory, 13k gold differential favoring LCK.

100 points awarded to Team Fire, and the conclusion of day 2.

1v1s on Day 2: After an action packed first day full of upsets, there were just 16 1v1 contestants in day 2, for a total of 8 matches. Here are the results:

  • Kira (Ezreal) Vs. ClearLove (Ziggs)
  • Kira (Lucian) Vs. Bjergsen (Lucian)
  • MadLife (Kennen) Vs. PraY (Draven)
  • RooKie (Kalista) Vs. LeX (Kalista)
  • Uzi (Lucian) Vs. KaSing (Kindred)
  • Rekkles (Lucian) Vs. Doublelift (Lucian)
  • Koro1 (Quinn) Vs. Froggen (Nasus)
  • Dimajke (Kalista) Vs. Aphromoo (Varus)

Worth Watching: Kira Vs. ClearLove

 Day 3

Marin Lissandra at All Star 2015

LCK Vs. EU: When first blood goes to Faker, you’re probably not feeling great about how the game is going. That’s exactly what happened in this game as an over-extending Amazing (Elise) was picked off by Faker (GangPlank) and friends. Huni would soon avenge Amazing by utilizing the mobility of top-lane Quinn to successfully gank Faker.

EU would really pick on Marin’s Lissandra this game; ganking him 3 times in the first 11 minutes. After they knocked him down a peg Huni bullied him some more. Marin was an ugly 0/4/0 13 minutes into the game, and 0/7/3 at the end of the 33 minute game. Huni would overextend a couple of times (as Huni does), but Europe’s lead was too big to give up as they took down the LCK all-star team 21-7, with a 12k gold lead to kick off Day 3.

100 points awarded to Team Ice.

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One for All: 10 players, 1 champion. Blitzcrank. 10 Blitzcranks. This game started off just as any game with a Blitzcrank starts off – with an invade! Team Fire would come on top 6-2 after the Level 1 madness. Yes, that means a Team Ice player was killed, spawned back to life, and was killed again, all before minions entered the lanes.

This game would involve a base trade scenario and a baron kill before xDyrus barely managed to get the last hit on the Nexus as Pyl desperately tried to save the game. Check it out:

Dyrus earned Team Fire 50 points for that play.

LMS Vs. IWC: Pure domination by LMS. Westdoor didn’t get to play his legendary Fizz, but apparently he’s no slouch on Kassadin either. He would earn a Pentakill in typical Kassadin cleanup fashion. Karsa didn’t just steal the spotlight 27 minutes in, but he also stole the baron. LMS would take the game 2 minutes later to earn more points for Team Fire.

100 points awarded to Team Fire.

Assassin’s Match: Blind pick, assassins only, no defensive items allowed. Team Fire’s bottom lane of Faker (Rengar) and Olleh (Shaco) would rack up the first handful of kills, thanks to a lot of attention from Meteos (Nidalee). Faker triggered ADCs everywhere by ending the game with 12 kills, most of them being 1-shots.

The real star of the show was Westdoor. Who knew he was good at Fizz?! Oh, right, everybody. Westdoor reminded everybody they perma-ban his Fizz by ending the game with 16 kills and 0 deaths, including a 1v3 outplay.

50 points awarded to Team Fire.

NA Vs. LPL: Superior team play by LPL earned them a commanding lead throughout this one. North America never really managed to get any momentum. Despite how hard LPL dominated they took a surprsingly long time to close out the game. Finally, with a 20k gold lead, LPL took NA out of their misery by delivering the final blow onto the Nexus just after minute 39.

100 Points awarded to Team Ice.

1v1s on Day 3:  With just 8 contestants left there were only 4 1v1s on the second-last day of the tournament. Here are the matchups that took place:

  • ClearLove (Malzahar) Vs. Bjergsen (Lucian)
  • LeX (Quinn) Vs. PraY (Ezreal)
  • KaSing (Karma) Vs. Doublelift (Kalista)
  • Aphromoo (Zilean) Vs. Froggen (Zilean)

Worth Watching: Aphromoo Vs. Froggen.

Day 4

The KaShuni in action.
The KaShuni in action.

Tandem Mode: 2 players control a single champion by giving one player full control of the mouse, and the other full control of the keyboard. Good luck!

An explosive Level 1 invade left Team Fire with a 4-1 advantage out of the gate. RekkleX on Lucian (Rekkless + LeX), Mooleh on Thresh (Aphromoo + Olleh), KaShuni on Lee Sin (KaSing + Huni), and Cookie on Ekko (ClearLove + Rookie) were the best performing tandem partners, by far. Smira (Smurf + Kira) seemed to struggle on Yasuo just as much as you would imagine a tandem Yasuo would struggle… a lot. This tandem game was a lot of fun and was probably the closest game of the tournament. It would finish 45-40 in favor of Team Ice.

100 points awarded to Team Ice.

Fire All-Stars Vs. Ice All-Stars: The fans then voted one player into each position on both Team Fire and Team Ice for a game worth 200 points. Here’s how the roster looked:

Team Fire:

  • Top: Marin (Quinn)
  • Jungle: Meteos (Elise)
  • Mid: Faker (Brand)
  • ADC: Doublelift (Tristana)
  • Support: MadLife (Braum)

Team Ice:

  • Top: Koro1 (Karma)
  • Jungle: Amazing (Kindred)
  • Mid: Froggen (Lux)
  • ADC: Uzi (Kalista)
  • Support: Pyl (Trundle)

Amazing would start the game strong on Kindred by taking down Faker in the mid lane with Froggen. Meteos responded by diving Koro1 in the top lane to equalize the game at 1 kill each, but Amazing killed Faker once again before getting a double kill in the bot lane. Amazing truly had an amazing incredible tournament.

Marin did not look good this game. Despite getting 3 early kills he kept getting caught and seemed to be forcing plays that were not working out. The best part of the game took place in the baron pit. Check out the clip below:

Froggen had a big game on Lux, finishing 9/0/8. Team Ice took the game 24-13, with a 9k gold lead.

Team Ice awarded 200 points.

EU Vs. LCK: The All-Star Los Angeles 2015 event concluded with a Bo3 between EU and LCK. There would not be any upsets here. Game 1 was an absolute stomp in which LCK ended the game 28 kills to 8, up 14k gold. Game 2 was closer, but there was no point that made you think “Wow, EU might win this!”. LCK closed the series 2-0.

Day 4 1v1s: The final day of the tournament decided the 1v1 champion. Here’s how it all went down:

  • PraY (Lucian) Vs. Bjergsen (Lucian)
  • PraY (Ezreal) Vs. Bjergsen (Ezreal)
  • Froggen (Nasus) Vs. Doublelift (Lucian)
  • Froggen (Olaf) Vs. Doublelift (Twitch)
  • Froggen (Olaf) Vs. Doublelift (Twitch)
  • Froggen (Brand) Vs. Doublelift (Quinn)
  • Bjergsen (Vayne) Vs. Doublelift (Vayne)
  • Doublelift (Zed) Vs. Bjergsen (Zed)
  • Doublelift (Vel’Koz) Vs. Bjergsen (Vel’Koz)

Bjergsen is the 2015 1v1 All-Star Champion!

Worth Watching: Froggen Vs. Doublelift (And When it Happened Again)

Overall the 2015 All-Star event was a massive success. It’s nice to see the players relax and have fun playing the game that can cause them a lot of stress when played at its highest level.

Team Fire won the tournament with a score of 1,075 points to 875. That means all of our North American, Korean, and Taiwanese readers can look forward to a free IP boost and a special Team Fire Diana skin!

For more on the strategy behind the 1v1s, check out: The Art of the 1v1.

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Jamie Jacobs is a bot lane main who once won 17 consecutive Janna games. His favorite champions are Thresh, Kalista, and Bard. Jamie writes about competitive League of Legends and the professional gaming scene every week at Esports Edition.
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