All-Stars 2015: The Art of the 1v1

Dec 14, 2015

All-Stars 2015 has come to an end, which also means the weekend-long 1v1 bracket is, unfortunately, completed. Some of the most hype moments from the weekend came in the form of two All-Stars going to head to head, trying to out farm their opponent to 100 CS while also being careful not to give up first blood to their opponent. Whether it was the epic CS duel between Froggen and Aphromoo, in which Froggen “clock-blocked” Aphromoo’s Zilean from the semi-finals by solely auto-attacking the minions to reach 100 CS in a mirror match, or Doublelift going toe to toe with kaSing in one of the closest 1v1s I’ve ever seen in my life, the tournament was full of insane upsets and incredible turnarounds. Many champions were used, but which one is the best to be blind picked into a showdown of this proportion?

Melee Champions

These up close and personal fighters didn’t make much of an appearance during the event, being picked in only 4 of the 34 games, resulting in a record of 2W and 3L (one of those games was a Zed mirror, so it was both a win and a loss). I wasn’t expecting them to outshine their ranged counterparts in a battle of trading damage and making sure you last hit every single minion, so this doesn’t come as a surprise to me however; I was surprised more assassin’s were not picked to try and all-in the opposing All-Star while they only had power in their auto-attacks. So if you’re hopping into a 1v1 tournament, or just want to flex your superiority over your friends, I’d avoid these champions.

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AP Casters/Mages

Being an AP champion in a 1v1 almost seems irrelevant, as you must start off and buy items like Doran’s Blade to ensure equal trades with the enemy’s auto-attacks and to also makes CSing a little bit easier. After you farm a few minions and get enough gold to start building ability power, you hop on that horse and ride it to victory… or maybe not. AP champions that fall under the mage classification were picked 21% of the time, or 14 times out of a possible 68. Of these 14, only 5 of these were wins, and only one of them was a win against the true force to be reckoned with in a 1v1 scenario…



Marksmen. Marksmen were the true MVPs of the bracket. 82% of the matches had a marksmen involved, and their only losses came at the hand of other marksmen, besides Clearlove’s Ziggs beating out Karsa’s Ezreal in the round of 8. Now, you may be thinking “Alright cool, marksmen are the best to stomp my pals in a 1v1. News flash, there are 23 marksmen in the game, who the hell do I play?” Statistics would say “The Purifier”. Lucian was played more than any champion in the tournament, being picked 22% of the time, more than all AP Casters combined, and only lost once to a champion that wasn’t himself, kaSing’s Kindred. Lucian’s passive makes early ability trades weaved in with autos absolutely deadly for the opposing champion, with the double shot being especially beneficial when it comes to mistimed minion executes. His base damage, combined with the mobility in his E to dodge skillshots and chase down his opponent when he’s in kill range, makes Lucian a deadly threat in 1v1s, and a must pick if the only thing that brings you joy in life is embarrassing your cocky friend who keeps bragging that he just got to Gold V, with a win percentage of 17% in 140 games played with Yasuo. Keep talking, bro.

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