Playing the Waiting Game: Fatigue Warrior

Oct 26, 2015

With the recent fall of Patron Warrior, there is a gap in the Hearthstone meta that’s quickly being worked out. Decks such as Aggro Druid and Secret Paladin are considered top tier just because there is very little that can deal with the extreme aggression those decks put on the battlefield. However, some control decks, including Freeze Mage and Fatigue Warrior, have shown that they are able to withstand the onslaught and survive into their late game win condition.

Fatigue Warrior Deck

Fatigue Warrior, also known as Control Warrior, has one game plan: survive until the end of the game using the Warrior’s huge health pool foundĀ in armor, then finish off the opponent once all their big cards are gone. Bash, Justicar Trueheart, and Shieldmaiden provide the Warrior with access to that large health pool.

This deck runs more removal than almost any other Hearthstone deck to be able to execute its game plan. Fiery War Axe, Slam, and Bash provide good removal in the first few turns, and in the later game, Brawl, Big Game Hunter, Baron Geddon, Gorehowl, Execute, and Shield Slam provide the Warrior with the ability to clear a full battlefield or remove large threats.

In the early turns, it is most effective to just sit back and relax, only reacting to cards such as Knife Juggler or Darnassus Aspirant with the Fiery War Axe. Dropping a turn 3 Deathlord can bait out a big threat from the opponent that you’ll then be able to demolish with a turn 5 or 6 Brawl.

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In the late game, your powerful removal will leave your opponent with no threats while your threats can start dropping onto the battlefield. Ysera can give you much needed card advantage while Alexstrasza and Grommash can provide huge amounts of burst damage to help bring your opponent down to 0.

Mulligan is pretty simple, a Fiery War Axe should always be dug for. Versus Aggro, look for cards such as Slam and Deathlord to prevent your opponent from hitting too hard. Versus Control, look for important mid game cards such as Death’s Bite and Sludge Belcher to be able to play them on curve.

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